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  1. Constrict

    Line tool

    Holding down SHIFT will constraint the pen tool to 45 degrees. :) - Colin
  2. As a follow up question, I am also trying to delete an edge between two points (opening up the shape) - I expect this to be a part of the node tool as well but cant seem to find the correct function.
  3. Matt, thanks alot! Worked like a charm! :) I am discovering new features by the minute that are all very well crafted! Hat off to the whole team! :) - Colin
  4. Hi all. I´m feeling slightly dumb but I cannot figure out how to add points to an existing shape. I have simple rectangle and wish to add points along the rectangle edge. I have tried all the usual suspects (holding alt, ctrl, cmd etc) but all I get to do is start a new shape. Any tips? Cheers, Colin

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