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  1. I tried the same steps I mentioned before with previous version 1.8.5 and it has the same issue, the way to walkthrough it is changing the renderer from GPU to WARP. I think it is an issue on Nvidia driver 461.40.
  2. Hello, I have the same issue here. After updated to 1.9.0, I have serious performance issue on brush tools. For example: I create a new document, the resolution does not matter. Then I choose paint brush tool on the left, any type of brush in brushes tab is fine, such as round brush with 16px. Until now, there is no performance issue. I can move the cursor smooth. Then I start to draw on the empty canvas. after the first draw, the assistant pop-up on the top right corner. Since the assistant pop-up appears, any time the cursor leave the canvas (for example, try to choose the tool), I can see the serious frame rate drop down in the next 3 seconds. The cursor cannot move continually, and with the tool I can see the GPU has a high percent usage in seconds. But if the cursor leave the canvas and move to the checkbox on the top side, such as stabilizer when I chose paint brush, or symmetry when I chose mixer brush, the cursor will restore smooth immediately. I tried disable the HW acceleration but it did not help. My PC has i9 9900KF, RTX2080super, 32GB RAM. and the system is in idle.
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