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  1. After the last post, I decided to do another reboot of the P.C. and after your SCARY instructions and a reboot, we're back up and running as we should be. Thank you everyone. Really....THANK YOU!
  2. OK, I followed the instructions to the letter (with a palpitating heart-that was SCARY) and there is no difference. No auto scrolling when I drag a layer down past the bottom visible layer.
  3. Blimey! I've just followed your suggested link and it's a bit overwhelming. I'll start the process but might back out if it's too risky. Like I said I'm a user not a techy. By the way, for some reason the video showing Affinity Photo page and the Layers problem will not record the fly out menu showing that Auto Scrolling is checked...but it is checked. But I will try again...perhaps third time lucky! Just the same result! When I did the video the fly out menu was visible! Sorry. But Auto scroll is definitely ticked. Affinity Photo 2022-06-08 11-19-24.mp4
  4. Hello EmT, No, there have been no updates or installation of apps of any kind, this really did come out of the blue. I'm a bit uncomfortable with the depth of technical stuff being suggested as I'm a user not a techy but I will have a go. Just one question, if I get this wrong, will I lose Affinity Photo?
  5. Hello everyone who is trying to help me. Some people have said that the stack is only to show the live layer and that may well be correct but prior to last weekend, I could move layers below the bottom layer in "Layers" panel and the layers below visible would scroll upwards so I could see where I was positioning the active layer. This is a new fault/bug as I have been positioning layers as I describe for many months then suddenly it doesn't work. I accept it's not the end of the world but to work manually moving 8 or so layers at a time so I can see where I am, when there may be 80+ layers is a pain. I hope someone can help. I repeat...this is a new fault and it is active on new documents and older saved documents. FYI the document shown is new. Thanks. Paul Clegg Affinity Photo 2022-06-08 10-48-03.mp4
  6. Undock-Redock layers panel unfortunately didn't work also, a new document with multiple layers still had the same problem.
  7. Windows P.C. Dell Precision T1700. Windows 10 Professional. Affinity Photo 1.10.5 PK 1342 This has only started happening yesterday and I have changed nothing. On a document with many (80+) layers, the layer stack will not move when I try to move a layer up or down outside the visible extent of the layer panel and the active layer will not move past the visible layers. If I use key strokes to move up or down the active layer moves past the limit of visible layers but the layer stack doesn't move to allow me to see where I am positioning the active layer. So...the problem is basically that the layer stack will not move when dragging an active layer. I have posted this as a bug as I have heard it also happens with Affinity Designer.
  8. Hi Psenda, thanks for your information and advice, I will try to undock and redock the layers panel.
  9. Hi Carl, thanks for that, I'll try a new document and see how I go. I was able to add/remove layers and scroll as necessary with older, saved afphoto files until yesterday so something must have happened that I don't know about, but I will definitely make a new document as you suggest. Thanks again. Paul.
  10. OK Paul, just tried your suggestion and it works...partly. If I move a layer down using your method it's fine until it goes off the screen so to speak, but then the other layers don't move to let me see the position of the selected layer. And I'm fairly sure I should always be able to see the current position of the layer otherwise I'll never be able to position a layer accurately. I can't help thinking that it is something to do with the layer stack not moving as it should. the method you suggest works perfectly going from top to bottom except I still need to manually scroll to get to see the bottom layer.
  11. Thanks for your reply Carl, yes Autoscroll is selected (and it was when I checked) and problem persists. Believe it or not I even resorted to closing Affinity and re-opening, daft I know but I was getting desperate.
  12. Not sure that this is what you want but please let me know if not. I do not know how to make a video of the problem...sorry.
  13. I have been doing a series of "collages" with approximately 60-80 layers of small images. As I bring another image in, naturally it is at the top of the stack and when I need it further down, sometimes at the bottom, I just click and drag the layer down and once the dragged layer is at the bottom of the visible layers, the existing layers start to scroll up automatically. That is until today. Now I can only move the top layer down to the bottom of the visible layers and place it there and then I have to manually scroll the active layer to the top and then scroll down again and so on until I get to the bottom or wherever I need the layer to be. Help!
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