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  1. Haven't tried the beta, but found a workaround. I used links with Cyrillic in the domain and in the link itself (UTF-8). But when I coded the domain in Punycode and made a short link without Cyrillic, the links started working. From here I will make an assumption that you need to make a link encoder when exporting if Cyrillic is used.
  2. I am using version 1.8.4 and today with bitterness discovered that the bug has not been fixed, although it has been more than 1.5 years. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/94688-hyperlinks-in-pdf/&tab=comments#comment-504265 In this thread I have already raised the issue that links are not exported to PDF. I was asked for the version of the file that I am using and that's it. After so much time, I need this function in the program, but it does not work again. Created a link to the site. I export to pdf and after opening the mouse shows that there is a link, but nothing happens when clicked, because no link inside. And so with all the links to the site. I am very upset that at such crucial moments the already agreed mistake was left without attention. Без_названия.pdf Без названия.afpub
  3. I mean this is a system application. I do not know what it is called in English, but in Russian it is called "System Monitoring" There is enough RAM. The program just does not have an inscription that it is stuck and does not respond The project is open from the desktop and exported to the desktop. The iCloud folder is made on the side so that files can be saved there if necessary. But if we talk about this, then even the large Affinity Designer projects worked in such a calm way. The project was opened from iCloud and easily exported to svg, pdf and png. export PDF.mov I was right. When reducing the program window for the first time, a window appeared asking for rights to export several files. Before this window did not appear, and the window with the choice of place became gray, as in the video. Finally, the file was exported, but unfortunately the hypertext links, like in the beta version, are not exported.
  4. @thomaso, Thanks for the advice - I rebooted the mac and the program began to work even worse. Now it hangs on the choice of the place of export. After clicking on the export button, the program in the monitoring system is not frozen, but nothing can be done in it: neither close the window, nor open another, nor change the name of the file, etc. It seems that the pop-up is open somewhere, but it is not visible and cannot be closed. Even hot buttons do not work.
  5. I purchased the program in the AppStore and try to export a pdf file, but in the end, after processing the data, an error appears that cannot be exported. In the beta version, I did not really work, but there was no such error. In error, smoothes the path for export. The program tries to export a pdf file to a pdf file. The correct path will be ~/Desktop/file.pdf , and it turns out ~/Desktop/file.pdf/file.pdf
  6. No, it did not help. The original file - "untitled_iqr.svg" (58 kb) I opened it in Affinity Designer. It looks like a uniform square. Export it to SVG and the resulting file is opened. Looks just as bad as before. The file "untitled_iqr 2.svg" was already open in another program vector design (iDraw. It looks good.). After that, the exported file looks good and Affinity Designer.
  7. Here's another qr code. Two files - one original svg, and the second - after re-saving version of the original opening in the other vector editor. untitled_iqr 2.svg untitled_iqr.svg
  8. Hi Created a QR code kept it in a format svg. I try to open it in the editor in the release and in the beta version - does not open normally. Tried other editors in the browser - to open normally. qr (kedmanscard).svg
  9. I agree about the accuracy of that difference is too small. It's just different - I share the SVG version of objects and paste to your site. Subsequent plug if the number is not an integer - adds a significant fractional part and it significantly increases the amount of traffic, in which there is no need, therefore, have to hand all integers not turned into a whole and it is a bit inconvenient. And noticed a bug with the fact that iCloud Drive if you just go in there Affinity Designer can not create additional folders, and then if you go through the web or with iCloud Drive - Folder program is not visible.
  10. I found another mistake. I paint objects and coordinates with no fractional part. I do not use the field, but when exporting objects get a fractional part, for example, 819.003 instead of 819 or 1115.96 instead of 1116 <rect xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" x="1115.96" y="465.003" width="121" height="351" style="fill:rgb(78,78,78);fill-rule:nonzero;"/> <rect xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" x="165.955" y="963.003" width="136" height="61" style="fill:rgb(78,78,78);"/>
  11. Yes, I have it happens every time How can I get a beta version? Thank you, Matt
  12. Yes of course. I took a little video. The truth can not be attached videos here, had to share on the server. http://kedmans.com/ad.mp4
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