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  1. I recently purchased a new 16" MacBook Pro M1 MAX with 64GB on ram. When I initially started the Affinity apps they opened almost immediately, however I've noticed that in the last few day Designer and Photo take up to a minute to open while Publisher opens instantly. Is there some settings I'm missing or is this normal behaviour for Designer and Photo. I've verified I'm using the Universal version of the apps. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Slug area and make the artboard area usable to drop assets onto and be able to see and manipulate them.
  3. It would be great if Publisher could be used to create interactive ePub/PDF documents like what is done in this video. Specifically: Motion animations Show/Hide Timing Panel Motion Paths Events Button Triggers Adobe Indesign Help - Document Animation Given that the world is moving farther away from printed magazines, etc. having the ability to create fully interactive documents would be a very good feature set for Publisher. Regards M@
  4. Sorry Tags is an old expression for styles. You'll need to create a style for the first line or paragraph of text that is under your No Break text. Ideally the first line should be empty, just a hard return. Then adjust the Below Paragraph spacing to force the text below the No Break text and even with the text in the left column. Regards, M@
  5. My first Xerox Ventura GEM workstation in the mid 80's was comprised of a 80386 PC with a Wyse 700 monochrome monitor and a Xerox 4000 laser printer cost $35,000! Xerox allowed me to use the setup for a month as a trial because they really wanted to sell these setups. I did a demo of the system to the senior managers at the time and I showed them how fast I could import a 300 page budget document and format the entire document in a day. At that time our budget documents were printed on dot matrix printers the bound together in a huge book (11"x17"). I also showed them how I could import a pre-tagged document and drastically reduce the amount of time it would take to complete a document design. They were really impressed and so began my career as an computer-based graphic designer! Fun times! Ventura was unmatched in power and productivity for years. I used to laugh out loud at PageMaker and Quark users who would have to pay several hundred more dollars for their software and still not even come close to half the features of Ventura.
  6. Thanks Peter! I agree. Span Columns doesn't seem to be a feature that would be that hard to implement given they're half way there with the No Break feature. Let me know if you have any issues or questions. Regards M@
  7. Column Span YES! Here's my work around for column spanning. Create a paragraph tag for the text/paragraph you want to span and uncheck No Break in Positioning and Transform. Create a column break tag for the bottom of the column that matches the current text/paragraph settings for the text to force it to the next column. (This tag also helps you find column overflow problems) Create a top of column tag and set its Below Paragraph spacing to match the paragraph immediately below the text/paragraph you created the No Break tag. Now you can quickly use tags to manage column span and break in an easy and efficient manner. Hope this helps! I've had a smile on my face while reading the comments from all the old Corel Ventura users in this forum. Believe it or not I used Ventura Publisher when it was first introduced by Xerox back in 1986. Back then my desktop was the ONLY stand-alone PC desktop in an organization full of Mainframe terminals. I was always amazed by Ventura's ability to handle virtually every type of document and/or publication I threw at it, especially very large documents (500pgs+). SGML tags blew me away and it did not take me long to harness their power. I had office automation groups teach basic tagging to users that regularly sent me large documents for design and importing these pre-tagged documents into Ventura saved an incredible amount of production time, literally hours spent tagging document elements. I stuck with Ventura until the mid 2000's when I sadly had to move to Adobe CS for production and compatibility reasons. The last Adobe CS version I purchased and still use is CS6, the final stand-alone version. I refused to pay a monthly subscription for my software. Since Adobe CS stand-alone versions were end-lifed I've had been looking for an alternative and thank the gods for Affinity! I have been very pleased with Affinity's Design Suite and only hope more professional designers give this amazing software a try.
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