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  1. ok folks, I dont know what happened, but 1.85 is working properly again. I still have not upgraded again to 1.9 because i have projects to finish first. The issues I was having are no longer there and all is well so far. thanks for all the help, you a wonderful folks!!!
  2. It seems that there are a huge variety of issues with this update - some folks are having issue with laptops - but when they download to desktop they have no issues. Some have issues with all products, some with only one or two. There doesnt seem to be a pattern that I can see yet, just know that Affinity has a huge headache in their lap because for most folks like me, there was no issues until the update. I have several project to complete and this update didn't help at all.
  3. There is a major issue with the 1.9 update. For many folks including me, all products are not functioning properly - For instance, I upgraded Photo and Designer to 1.9 in Win 10 pro. Photo is doing fine, but Designer crashes after the splash screen. I couldnt even close the program without using task manager to close it. I uninstalled 1.9 and reinstalled 1.85 and now have the same issue which I did not have before. I found a workaround - if you leave the splash screen open and drop in a previous file you created, it works fine, even in saving files. But if I need a new document of any kind, I cannot do so because Designer will freeze up every time.
  4. Yes apparently this upgrade is really bad. My photo is doing fine as far as I know, but Designer, which I use the most, starts up with splash screen just fine. However when I try to create a new file, it freezes on me. What is funny though, is if I leave the splash screen up and then drag a previous file in, it works just fine and I can save my work - this is at least an operation workaround to get my work done, but they are going to have to fix this very badly. Apparently there are major issues with this upgrade.
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