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  1. On 1/21/2021 at 11:23 AM, TheFlow said:

    Hi @Gabe, do you guys still have this bug on your radar? Haven't seen a fix in the newer betas. That would be great, as a lot of painters and illustrators are looking into AP from what I can see on social media. Would be nice to see it working well in the final 1.9 release :)

    I'm just seeing this post as I have the same issue and posted about it today. As a painter using this as a replacement for Photoshop this is such a huge thing for me. Glad to know they're working on it. Painting on pause for now :(

  2. I just updated to the new version and the brush behavior seems drastically different. I mainly use the round brush for painting and I liked that it's behavior is similar to that of Photoshop. I'm attaching photos of how this looks before and after the update. Before the update there was a smooth/flat transition when painting with the round brush. After the update you can see that the brush seems to stamp individual circles. I tried adjusting this with the spacing parameter, but it just made the stamping more dense (as in the bottom two strokes in the after image).

    I reverted to the old version to make the before image and thought I could just stay with the old version, but it won't let me open my old files. I can't open the old files even if they were never opened or saved with the newer version.

    Is there a new setting I should be using to go back to the previous behavior? Thanks for any help!



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