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    erdi12 got a reaction from Dan C in Bug Publisher Print out on both paper sides   
    I found another hidden option in the printer driver. Under Maintenance - Custom Settings, there is an option: Rotate landscape pages to the left. This option is disabled by default. After activating this option, page 4 will be rotated. My guess is that Publisher sends each page with portrait or landscape information to the printer, and Acrobat renders the document and sends all pages to the printer in "portrait" orientation. In Acrobat, the printer option has no effect on the orientation in the printout. So the problem is solved for me, the information is certainly helpful for other users with the same problem.

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    erdi12 got a reaction from IPv6 in Bug Tranform in a Macro   
    I added a screenshot. The problem is that the reference point of the rotation relative to the object is not recorded and taken into account. A pure rotation in the panel results in a rotation, a distortion and a displacement in the macro. (See screenshot). If this is applied to another object or document, the result is no longer a pure rotation. The relative pivot point selected in the Transformation panel must be recorded and taken into account when playing the macro. The same error also leads to the same behavior in the affine transformation filter if the layer was transformed before the filter was applied. The wrong coordinate system is then used.

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    erdi12 got a reaction from kenmcd in Bug: PDF Export and Import with Font Windings   
    Thanks, with the recomendetd export adjustment ist works.
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    erdi12 got a reaction from Komatös in Bug: PDF Export and Import with Font Windings   
    The export works well, but the import is the problem. The font has also unicode codes.  Affinity change the codes during import.
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    erdi12 got a reaction from IPv6 in Bug in Filter Gausian Blur   
    I found a bug in the latest beta 1.9.2.xxx and last release version in Affinity photo, depending on hardware acceleration.

    If hardware acceleration is on, notebook with Intel HD Graphics 520 on chip is on, then the gaussian blur filter change the image completely to white with adjusted radius greater than 10px. That happens also with the filter frequency separation.  With hardware acceleration of the fiters works well with high adjustments.

    On my desktop computer with a G-Force 950 this bug is not present.

    Regards Erhard

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    erdi12 got a reaction from Jowday in I like to propose additional feature for Affinity Suite   
    It would be helpful and would reduce space on the installation media when the Brushes, color swatches, styles are installed as common resources and not in every app separately.

    There is a common folder available, but it is only used for additional dictionary’s.

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