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  1. PLMan

    Resize - By Percent

    No, it is not. If initial value was, for example, 127 then macro will not know if user entering 300%, want macro to act as 300% or just as value 381. Of course we can limit usability the way that entering % will always act as % and force user to use additional calculator but why? Moreover such behaviour will make dialog to work inconsistently. In macro recording as forced % and not in macro recording as pocket calculator. Inconsistency is one of biggest UI programing errors. No, it is just example that argumentation about supremacy of Affinity over other app in the matter of misusing terms. Affinity apps are not mathematical nor physics apps so putting % in the list of units will not destroy the world.
  2. PLMan

    Resize - By Percent

    I think that you have no experience in programming. Present implementation is unusable in the context of macros. Macro engine will not be able to find when user wants macro engine to use % and when physical value (number of pixels for example). The only logical way of solving this problem is to inform application what user wants. And in such case adding percent to unit list is the easiest way and fastest to use and implement. Moreover such way is logical for users switching from other apps. And if we want Affinity not to misuse terms then, for example, crop tool should be renamed to resize as it allows extend canvas size, not only crop it, right? Instead of being language purists we should focus on efficiency of app use.
  3. PLMan

    Resize - By Percent

    Still will help as there will be way to easy, logically enter resize values.
  4. PLMan

    Resize - By Percent

    From technical point of view you are right. But from logical and workflow you are wrong. Percentage is listed between units in canvas/document size in most of professional apps. Units list is the best place to have them. This is logical for most if not all users, especially switching from other apps. Moreover having them there can solve macro problem.
  5. PLMan

    Resize - By Percent

    No, I did not and I see now. Apart of this they are not listed in "Units" so not obvious for many users.
  6. PLMan

    Resize - By Percent

    Any progress in adding % to resize units? Strange that such useful solution is not available despite that users were indicating such lack quite long ago.
  7. PLMan

    SVG bug

    Imported SVG doesn't have all elements. Attached SVG opens in Affinity as it is in attached PDF file with "Affinity" ending in the name It should open ad in PDF with "Safari" endings in the name. There is lack of arrows. concepts_lenses_lens_ray_diagram.svg concepts_lenses_lens_ray_diagram-Affinity.pdf concepts_lenses_lens_ray_diagram-Safari.pdf
  8. I was tried beta of Affinity Designer. Now I would like to try Trial but it shows that trial period is over. Probably it counts from time when Beta was first time used.