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    Sorry about this but the guy presenting the tutorials has a a habit of sucking when he is talking. It is very off putting,
  2. Yes you can, there are plenty of other posts on this issue so I suggest you search directly.
  3. Yes, select plugins in preferences. NOT all Nik work but some do. See other posts on this subject for details of paths,
  4. A tough pic to restore. I found that the best resource for learning about Restoration and Retouching was Katrin Eismann's book the of the same name. See chapter 6 in particular. Although its a Photoshop book, Affinity has most of the tools necessary.
  5. Might be the latest issue of software for the Mac (el capitain). Not all Nik plugins work anyway but I've had a similar screen. If you open and close another app outside the affinity app the screen operates. Everybody is blaming each other for this change in functionality.
  6. Thanks Jasper, I also found that if you click on anything outside the app that the screen and full functionality is restored. I will workaround with that otherwise. I still haven't figured how to get the plugins working in the latest Beta, but I will pass on that until a formal release is made, i have wasted too much energy.
  7. Jasper, I also have Photoshop Elements and i have the same fault as I have in AP, i.e., It partly loads but the main work screen is blank and all controls are in operative.
  8. I have the same problem with NIK as a plugin on all my processing apps. The suggestion from MEB did not work foe me. NIK its self works fine as a standalone app. It is something to do with the Mac upgrade. There is no indication that Google are addressing this so they must not see this as their problem, so what next?.
  9. MikeT

    NIK Plugins

    Don't beat yourself up guys, when Affinity realise that they really have got a major product that lacks a vital element for market penetration they will do something about it. At the moment they seem to be ironing out a few things, maybe when they stand back they will see these plugins as an absolute necessity.
  10. MikeT

    NIK Plugins

    I have been able to use Silver Efex, but it seems to work on a pre cropped image which is a bit limiting. No real luck on the others in the collection. Define seems to load but is not active.
  11. I think that you are looking for similar tools to Light room. This is more like PS. I may be missing something but I create a suitable adjustment layer, call up the mask and fill it with black . Using a low opacity brush and selecting the mask, I paint in with white gradually building up the effect. There are variations on this, of instance, still using a mask blending the effect, varying the layer opacity and painting the mask with black where you do not want the adjustment. Things like clarity etc are not adjustment layer options. You can duplicate the layer, apply the adjustment and blend as described above. I hope if this is incorrect somebody will enlighten.
  12. The default is grey. You can change by selecting the colour from the paint area at the top right.
  13. Thanks for the quick response Chris. I am new to the Mac (Yosemite) and have now set my Apple preferences to always show the scroll bar. It has cured my problem. There may be still a problem as I am quite used to revealing the bars in other applications but this did not work for me here. Anyway thanks for referring my other point. Many Thanks
  14. When in Develop Basic the scrolling bar disappears after a couple of seconds. When I have a number of adjustments open. i.e. Exposure and Enhance i can not scroll down for the others. I find that if I switch from Basic to Lens and then back again, and are very quiick, I can then scroll down. The bar still quickly disappears when i release the mouse button. Why do you have it fading away? What am I missing? This highlighted another issue, you can not close an adjustment without it resetting your work. Surely there could be a simple fix for that?
  15. I am sorry that people are struggling. as mentioned elsewhere, you really need to watch the tutorials to get started, you have to put a little effort in but it is worth it . The other thing, people asking for a refund is a right but remember this software is a bargain, I had upgraded with PS CS for years but I am not prepared to start renting what has always been an expensive software suite. With the obvious enthusiasm of the developers, the integration with Designer and Publisher about to be released, i am sure it will get even better.