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  1. that was the first thing I tried when I opened the V2 programmes, how do I get the Studio preset from V1 to V2 and nothing worked, I even ended up playing with the code that is different in V1 from V2, I also test copied only parts. Nothing worked, but appears in the V2 studio selection.
  2. I'am also very interested in this topic. I tried to copy the preset folder from V1 to V2, but it doesn't work. The safed studio is visible in v2, but if I select it, nothing happens. It's crucial for me to have the same tool on the same place and all do it new by hand would be very time consuming on all 3 Apps.
  3. Hi @Intuos5, I was able to significantly reduce the file size by deleting all elements that were outside the page layout. Form 450mb to 15mb
  4. Ok, that's a bit borderline if that's a bug, for me in Professional workflow it is. I have a book with 130 images, initially layouted with OPI images (jpg). Now the prepress sends me the final fine data as tiff. In Indesign this would not be a problem, in Publisher it can no longer assign these files when I specify the new folder as source, although size ect. is positioned correctly (fortunately) when replace individually. Now I have to pick out 130 images completely individually and update them individually? That should not be so.
  5. Hi @Dan C have the same problem on macOS (Big Sur) with Affinity Publisher 1.10.4 (this Bug also still in the actual Beta (RC)). Because I use this shortcut my whole career (25 Years) is it hard annoying to zoom out 😜 I do this subconsciously a hundred times a day when i need an overview, that's why would be super grateful if you take care of it. I have also tried to customize the shortcut (to disable it for learning the scroll wheel), but these entries that are in the help overview page are not in the program options.
  6. Ahoi, I'm in the process of making a very extensive architecture book. I noticed a few things that would help me a lot right now. - In the context menu, when you right-click on an image, it would be great to have the option to show the image in the Finder and also an entry that lets me open/edit the image in other programmes. I use this very often when it comes to swapping images in the layout phase or retouching or OPI, etc. Going into the resources window every time is time-consuming.
  7. Hello together, I'm currently designing a 144-page architecture book with about 75 images, all first OPI (72dpi). The layout has been there for a while and the images are all positioned (no new ones added), currently there is just some small optimization, but after saving the file gets bigger and bigger (even with "save as") yesterday it was 130mb, meanwhile we are at 150mb. I have checked everywhere in the settings that nothing extra is saved (preview, log etc) but it is still a huge chunk. I'm starting to worry that when I get the final 300dpi images back from the prePress and update them, the program will break down and I'll have to rebuild everything in Indesign at short notice. Especially since when updating images now and then the size and position in the image box changed. This was the first job project I wanted to test with Publisher, after I got fine with test projects so far. I am already a bit worried. Any Idea?
  8. Hi, yesterday I had the "pleasure" of setting tables over several pages. With Indesign I would be done in 5 minutes, but I convinced my editor aka client to try it with Publisher, because his Indesign is too old for an architecture book with 144 pages. I almost swept my computer off the table. It was an absolute gamble until I got the table style right. After it all fit and I set another table and wanted to apply the style, the presentation was different again. Besides, you can't let tables flow to the next page. Also, the presentation of how to set a table style is extremely incomprehensible. As a suggestion, it would be better to design the border if you could select the lines in the left-hand area of the example table and if you had a real WYSIWYG there (line widths, colours, areas, etc.). If you choose "Apply selection" you don't see much of the result, because the selection in the layout covers everything. You always have to leave the menu to see the final result, which is very tedious. Also copy and paste a style/cell/row would make things easier. The + and - also not on the right place. The colum "+" add a row (in my point of view). Simply too many ambiguous and non-intuitive possibilities. Make the Applikation for Designers, not Developer for this really simple table I needed 4h and many grey hairs.
  9. Hi @MEB any news in this Topic, actually I also struggle with the guide color, especially from the Masterpage, here is the guideline also dotted, which makes the whole thing even more difficult.
  10. make a PDF and convert to TIFF, is not what you want, but it's work.
  11. Any news on this topic? Publisher now has a preflight (checklist). After a long test phase, I would like to use Publisher in a productive environment for a book production, but I am worried that the still somewhat unreliable colour management will blow up in my face (sorry Affinity, if I create a cmyk document and I have 100% black in the font and select a different colour profile when exporting the PDF, the black font is converted to 4c, which does not inspire confidence). Do you have any tips on what I should look out for in the publisher, which was of course no problem before with Indesign?
  12. ok, that's right, I just tested it, but in my entire career I have never coloured the actual artboard/layout, I always set an extra background. Checkbox without function
  13. sorry it's not so easy and change the Language, but here you can see it's work for PDFs (btw – I choose a print Format and must change from rgb to cmyk 🤣 without Artboard and with Artboard bleed.mp4 bleed2.mp4
  14. nono, the PDF export with bleed really works... hmmm, I take a short video in a second
  15. As I said, it works as it should for the PDF export (for print). But in other file formats (which I sometimes have to use) the bleed option is there, but it only exports a white area. But the fact that the bleed is not visible during editing is really also a problem.
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