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  1. I am relatively new to this stuff. But I would assume, after saving the nozzles stamps and/or textures as png files, you could convert them to vector graph, right? I mean, if I like a brush, it's a pity to throw them away. If I can make them my own, it would be awesome. Could you perhaps show me the basic steps, how to do this? I will search for tutorial by myself.
  2. A very helpful idea! It doesn't make trying things out much quicker, but it is applicable cross different programms. Nice! Thanks!
  3. @StuartRcI have just tried it. I can add sub brushes this way, but sadly not nozzles. But thanks. Hi @Ray S., that's not what I meant. What I am trying to do is adding a brush nozzle to an another, or replacing it. Kinda like this:
  4. @firstdefence thanks for the reply. That is a possible question to ask, and it does occur to me. But what I mean is to reuse them inside the program. For example, procreate photoshop and Krita let you choose a existing brush tip from a in-programm library, when you modify a brush. But when I klick "Add" to add a second brush tip or a sub brush, Affinity doesn't show me the library of the existing brush tips, but sends me directly to Finder(Mac). Does affinity have a more strict copyright arrangement with their brush artists? If it is not possible to reuse them, it is a waste of resources in my opinion. But I don't think it is a deal breaker though.
  5. Hello everyone, is it possible to find and add an existing brush nozzle in affinity photo to a brush?
  6. Ok, thanks. I haven't noticed any lag so far. But I will pay attention to it.
  7. @GarryP Thanks! I have changed the performance preference setting like @anon2 suggested. The problem seems to be solved. But if you are still interested. I have attached a screen capture video bellow to show the problem. @anon2 is there any downside to change the setting to "Slowest"? blurry_canvas.mov
  8. Hello everyone, I am totally new here and currently using the trial version of Affinity photo mainly for drawing/painting on a M1 Mac mini. I have noticed that, with brush strokes on the canvas, if the brush tip is moving, the whole canvas gets blurry. Does anyone have any insight about it? Thanks!
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