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  1. A setting in a document publishing application that causes text to disappear? Flexible flow options are a "good thing" - disappearing text - no.
  2. Following up - changing the options as Old Bruce describes above prevents the text from disappearing and results in a sensible flow around the picture frame rectangle. I would suggest that the phenomenon I reported points to some opportunities for the dev team to handle the combination of paragraph flow options in a way that doesn't blow up a document. In its current state, it seems that Publisher allows selection of flow options that it cannot handle gracefully.
  3. Thank you for this information, Old Bruce. I will change some paragraph styles and see how it works out.
  4. Thanks for the welcome, GarryP! On the Mac I replicated the behavior you demonstrated as well. The Chapter 3 paragraph style was set to start on a new page, so I suppose deleting that paragraph break removes that page break. But it is hard to figure out what else is happening there - more text goes missing - specifically, what were the 3.0 and 3.0.0 sections and most of their subordinate body text. One thing I notice is that the amount of text that goes missing seems to comprise about the same amount of space occupied vertically by the picture frame rectangle that the text is supp
  5. When I place a large picture frame rectangle on a page, then set the text wrapping to "Tight" for example, a large chunk of the wrapped text just disappears from the text flow. See attached images. Text flow before placing the picture frame. Picture frame in place: Having set the text wrapping to "Tight" for the newly-placed frame, a chunk of text after the words "Nulla a porttitor tortor." up to the words "...Morbi sagittis elit tortor" (in section That's about three and a half paragraphs of text. Where does it go and why? DOCUMENT FILE IS ALSO
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