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  1. I do see a big difference in it, you have the block with the miniature pages. Also, if I have to design 50 landings of a website: there are common headers, common footers, sidebar, ... and I like to layout it with the agility of master pages (I am not convinced by the symbols, I like the master pages and their panel of pages). For you it may not be useful, but for me and others it is. It is what I use in other layout programs and I am not the only one who does it.
  2. In all publishing programs there is the export of assets. For example Indesign allows the export of html and adds each image in separate folders. Quark Xpress can export both via html and image. I would buy Designer because the price is ridiculous, but I want to use Publisher (I don't want to design in Designer, because I want master pages). If by clicking on Designer(icon studio link) I can use perfect export person and then I can go back to publisher and it keeps the exports of my pages?, that would be great. I would pay more than 500€ to have the export in Publisher, it is the only thing I
  3. But designer does not have master pages or photo frames. Publisher is more productive. "design a web" Who is going to want to design a web in plublisher? If we don't have these options, we can't send the assets to the developer. If it's just for books remove that text, it's confusing.
  4. I just want the exported jpg, png, svg files in one folder. Optimized for each different screens @ 2, .... No html. Only assets.
  5. I bought it believing that something more could be done. Any program can design a website, even in word. This is not what I expected.
  6. Export images from frames. Also in shapes export as svg. All super useful. We already know how to build a website, technically I have been doing it for 20 years.
  7. for that I already have adobe xd which is much better than Designer. The only thing I need from Publisher is that it can export the images to the size that I define in the frames and also other graphics. Some kind of automation that puts them in a folder. The html I would not use. If you say that it does not work for web because there is File / new / web (that they eliminate it), in fact I bought Publisher when I saw that menu and also because of the boolean operations (which is the only thing I used in Designer).
  8. Yes, correct, but also: affinity photo, illustrator, photoshop, Quark xpress, indesign (html), ... they all have some export method for the web.
  9. Web designs are made in design programs (illustrator, designer, publisher, photoshop, ...). After that design, that design is passed with html and css (with responsive frameworks such as bootstrap) in a code editor. Finally, if you want to manage the content with a CMS like Drupal, Wordprees or any other, you go to a compatible template. The beginning is always in a design program and in this phase we need to pass the logo and other images (slider, product images, author's photo, ...) in various resolutions to place them according to the mobile-first methodology. For example, when you buy
  10. purchase another tool just to export. Designer had already tried it but for logos, posters, cards, books and the web I really like Publisher. I will export the web page and define assets from Quark Xpress or Photoshop. Hopefully they will implement it in the future, I like all-in-one tools and Publisher is at 98%. Good for this great tool.
  11. I want to use Publisher for everything, I don't need a designer, I like Publisher better, everything is much more organized. 80% of my time I work for printing. For my Publisher it is better: master pages, page display, frames, tables, pagination, ... it's the closest thing to Quark xpress. To do branding with the forms, Boolean tools and the typography that Publisher offers I have plenty. For web design it also seems perfect, it makes it easy and agile. The only thing I am missing is some way to export. Ideally, so as not to intoxicate the interface, it would be to name the lay
  12. I just bought affinity publisher, but when I layout a website I can't export assets (jpg, png, gif, quality 0-100) There is no export of the layout by parts. I suggest they add slices, html export or something like that. In quark xpress I can. It is something very basic, if we create file / new / web. Please add an asset control option so that we can send them to the web development department.
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