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  1. You are correct.. It is tiring.. and it took many hours of my time to find a solution despite the lack of code in the first place.. It took about five hours, not five years!!!.. I am waiting for an update or an official fix from the developers of the application for all who face the same problem and thank you for your understanding
  2. My friends, I am not here to attack Affinity or compare it with other software .. because I really love this company and have supported it for years .. but I feel frustrated because I waited about five years to solve the problem of writing the text in Arabic in any of the company’s programs ... This topic is just to express My frustration and highlight the problem that many users face..maybe it will be resolved soon..thank you
  3. Contrary to what you think, I support these programs and that is why I continue with them.. You have the right to defend your company as you wish. This is a good thing.. But if you attack my person, this is unacceptable. The topic is .. if you are going to talk to me again, do not forget to have some respect for yourself so as not to waste my time teaching you that again .. and there is no need to drag Adobe products for comparison here, as I do not care about them and do not wait for a sales representative to convince me of another product
  4. Surprisingly, some people do not understand that the first version is dead and will not receive any updates in the future .. although there are primitive bugs that have not been resolved or even patched ... Imagine for a moment that the program that you use for design, you cannot use a text editor in it and that you You cannot write for a logo design, for example, or something else... This is the shameful point.. You reproduce the same product and resell it.. You kill the old product with its mistakes, as if nothing had happened. Originally... Once again, try to imagine that you cannot write or design text in a design program.. It's a shameful thing V1 V2 V100 For the record, I updated and bought all the new programs today and did not find a solution to the problem in the first place..
  5. I may disagree with you regarding the cost..Development always deserves support..but I agree with you regarding support for the Arabic language, which is a primitive feature that many have requested for five years..and yet the slow developer who has been unable to solve the problem for years and years ignores it, even though it is a primitive feature.. I do not mind supporting the company and even bought the new package.. but I felt frustrated and even defrauded due to the lack of real development or a solution to a permanent problem for years.. I hope the company will provide us with a solution to this problem with the same seriousness that it cares about in sales and marketing.. Very frustrated. Instead of congratulating you on the new release, I feel that I have been scammed.. Please accept our opinions with open arms and try to solve the shameful problem.
  6. Hi I am using V2 now and i can confirm that you can import and export colour palettes.
  7. Years and years, I used the program and waited for real development and a solution to this problem, but unfortunately, even after purchasing the version 2!!! , the problem still exists and is not resolved, not even the development of the text box so that we can use the Arabic language, although it is a simple and very easy programmatically .. very frustrating!!
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