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  1. Hello Tom - what a basic failure of mine. I reset my screen resolution and indeed see it is a J and not a 3. This will surely be the fix ! Have to by a new PC-display instead of my old Samsung.... Thank you all for your kind efforts for the old man. JB
  2. Thank you again both of you, Now I have reset my browser. downloaded the current day package Affinity Photo. Had a new try of verification using the original e-mail posting on the day of purchase. But this did not remedy the problem. I went in to update the account data and successfully changed to the new address again, as this should point on the only currently valid address used for all my correspondence, and also used purchasing the two other applications (The vector package and presentation package) Any more suggestions other than a re-purchase?
  3. Thank you both for this, but - NOPE - That was of course what I originally did and have retried a couple of times - with the same mismatch re-apprearing. I have experienced this earlier ie. on net auction sites. The remedy had been to established a new account, etc. Latest similar problem appeared on Skype account. Well as this is not a big deal - so "here is the deal" (from Mr.Biden) If I buy the package again - will you kick back my expences?
  4. Hello again, As I some weeks ago also dispatched an e-mail on this matter, I now tried to re-validate the installation with my new e-mail address (active) instead of my discontinued one. This to check if the requested update had been done. But no change appeared. At this moment I got a new post.....
  5. Thank you for your answers so far - but as both Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher has been OK since my Win 7 PRO restore (Same PC/Motherboard/SSD) the Photo should be reinstalled likewise? The error message is given on verification process is: Invalid details - because when I purchased the Photo app I had a different e-mail address from a provider that closed their business. I recon that that Affinity checks against the original purchase parameters, including the e-mail address - there is a mismatch that I asked you to resolve - by updating my previously valid e-mail address
  6. Hello Affinity Service Team, I did not get any responds on my mails that was sent November 20, 2020... I had an issue after working with a SSD installment on a older Linux driven PC. My Windows 7 PRO (that I still prefer to stick to) failed to boot. My Windows installment had to be restored to the original factory state. I bit a labor had to be undertaken as I have substantial amount of software driven by this platform. As I came to the Affinity packages that I surely enjoy and recommend to others that are pensioned from the Adobe cash machine environment. (d
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