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  1. Having solved the Font problem, on to the Text problem. It appears that when APub imports a Pdf it does something a little strange. Each piece of text comes with up to 10/15 Layers - called 'Curves'. You have to delete them to get back to the plain text. It's a real Pain in the A... Also, I have a major problem in that I have started resizing all the pages in the Bookwright version (I had misjudged how close the text and photos were to the bleed...my bad....). I spent rather a long time trying to figure out how to do this in APub, finally coming to the conclusion that this should be done from the beginning. To do the process at this late stage is much easier in Bookwright (no matter how much I complain). Too late for me to do this now. It'll have to wait until my next book.... Have learnt a lot about APub in this little adventure. It is an enormous programme, not always intuitive. I've bought both the Windows and the Mac versions (thank heavens for the discounts...). Love the way you can nip backwards and forwards to Photo and Designer. This will make my next opus much easier.
  2. Finally found the font in the Fonts section in Creative Cloud. Had to activate it, and, after a restart it appeared in APub at last. Don't know why APub didn't recognise it on either the MacBook or the PC, both of which have it in their Fonts. I needed all the various versions (Norman/Bold/Normal Italic/Bold Italic) as the new text uses these. Relieved...
  3. I finally managed to find the font (it was ITC American Typewriter) in the Fonts section of Creative Cloud, activated it (half expecting that APub wouldn't like that), and, after restarting, it is finally there in all its glory. It was already in the fonts on my PC, but, for some reason, APub wasn't picking this up. Thanks for all the help.
  4. I've added the font to the system's fonts, but it still doesn't register in APub.
  5. The font is installed on my system - APub doesn't recognise it. It's the correct name, etc. It just offers to replace it. When you search through the fonts to replace it isn't there.
  6. Finally! But.... Using the full version of publisher I have opened the book. The photos are fine (I will have to replace them as, when you export as a Pdf in Bookwright, the photos are saved in lower quality, probably to try and stop people from doing this), but the text is a complete mess. Firstly, I have used American Typewriter as the font (to match with original text in an included facsimile copy of a book done in 1979 that was typed on an old typewriter). I couldn't find any way to add fonts to Publisher, so I substituted with Special Elite, a typewriter font that is recognised. However, this was NOT a success. The text seems to have been double 'printed'. Interestingly, when I open the Pdf in Photoshop it is fine. I have the font installed on my PC. Is there any hope that Publisher will allow us to install fonts?
  7. I have American Typewriter installed on my system (Windows 10), but Publisher doesn't recognise it. Is there some way to install it in Publisher?
  8. Is there no way to add fonts to Publisher/Photo/Designer in the programs themselves? Is the only option Maintype? And, if so, does the fact that I self-publish books mean that I have to buy the full version? I really think it's a pity that Affinity hasn't taken up Dave Vector's idea of Affinity Type.
  9. What happens to the images - there are many?
  10. Good to hear. I'm finding Bookwright a frustrating experience. It's very limited in many important ways. Roll on the 20th....
  11. While waiting for Publisher I have been editing a book with text and photos in Blurb's Bookwright programme. When Publisher arrives, will I be able to export my book in Pdf form from Bookwright, open it in Publisher and continue to edit it (I am far from finished...)?
  12. In Blurb's Bookwright programme you are able to preview what your pages will look like when you export the file. You just press the Preview button, check, and return with one more button press. With Publisher the only option is to press Tab for a Full Screen without panels option. But I have found that in a two-page spread the one page is occasionally (not always) slightly higher than the other, which makes it difficult to align photos and text on facing pages. I assume that this is a glitch that will be fixed. However, I'd still like to be able to Preview and not have to wait for unpleasant surprises after I have exported the file.
  13. Actually, I've just found out on the Facebook Publisher page that the shortcut is Tab. It's still not the same as Preview in Blurb's Bookwright, which shows you what your page will look like, not just an enlarged Full Screen version. As, for instance, in a two-page spread the one page is occasionally (not always) slightly higher than the other, which makes it difficult to align photos and text on facing pages. I assume that this is a glitch that will be fixed. I will be posting a suggestion for a Preview.
  14. This doesn't work for me. I'm on the PC version. It's an option that I'd dearly like.
  15. Thanks, I've changed mine to 402. Hope that works. The reason for the upload fail was my VPN... Here it is. Orestes_Contacts014_Iris_Imaginary_child_1.afphoto
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