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  1. Do not post such things. If Publisher cannot do it, better write NO.
  2. I do not know if i understood what do you want. I'd use Text style with Decorations as background. Look at video. And after merge delete frames without text. 2022-09-05 17-46-29.mp4 Or use 2 Text styles: one with decoration, second - without decoration. And after merge, apply text style without background to frames without text. 2022-09-05 18-42-18.mp4
  3. Another way how to create planner without data merge. I made a mistake in the video because February starts on Wednesday. Therefore, 1 should be moved lower 2022-08-12 19-10-37.mp4
  4. You can organize your data in excel file like
  5. 1. Create excel spreadsheet with 2 columns - quotes and foto. If you have many images, then select all of them in folder, click shift and right mouse button and select copy as pathes. Then insert it in excel column. 2. Create frames for quotes and pictures in Publisher - on same page or different pages. 3. Add you excel document to Data Merge Manager. 4. On the Field panel find your data. 5. Click on image frame and double click on your field. Do the same with text. 6. Check preview to see if your data are correct. 7. Select pages what you want to merge in Data merge panel. 8. Click on Generate button and you will have new document with your data. Here is video lesson
  6. I can confirm that save as function does not work. Does not depend on file size. When i create new file, function save/save as does not work. When open existing file and do some changes, function Save works, but save as - no.
  7. I tried to run Publisher in Bottles. One problem only with flickering. I opened my newspaper, created in windows. All fonts, images, dictionaries it recognized without any problem. Works Photo Persona and Designer Persona. I got problem only with PDF because did not recognize some characters.
  8. How to change and know what image is inside image frame if use fields? Cannot find it. How replace this image? When i double click on field nothing happens and i do not know if image was replaced.
  9. As usually, when you create CMYK document, for each color profile you need to create own black color. This is the first important rule. Because later you will have a lot of problems. and add current fill to palette Or you can use black color from panel But strange that in glay profile this black is 72-68-67-88. In CMYK profile it is good - 0-0-0-100. Differense of black colors in publisher: Strange also that Acrobat Pro shows left black color as 100% black and rights ones as 85% Seems that 72-68-67-88 is optimal settings for grey profile?
  10. I used rectangle tool, not rounded rectangle tool. But now i want to transform them to rounded.
  11. You can use also different blend modes 2022-07-25 17-29-44.mp4
  12. Or look here 2022-07-25 17-15-23.mp4 or as said @PÅ¡enda use fx 2022-07-25 17-20-00.mp4
  13. Try to revert defaults and reset formatting Then apply text styles again.
  14. I tried to create vector mask in designer. I used rectangle with stroke brush and align stroke to outside. But i got small white line. If i select Aline stroke to center, mask looks like not so good. Another way i tried to create line with stroke brush. I do not know how to Expand stroke if use brush.
  15. I do know if i understood. Look at video. 2022-07-23 12-44-18.mp4
  16. When i move picture out of image frame, inpainting tool works. Is it a bug? 2022-07-23 07-22-37.mp4
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