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  1. You can do it. Solution is very simple. Look at video. There is two ways: if you want delete all images in document or only on one page. 2023-01-31 20-19-45.mp4
  2. After reset, the studio panels seem to work. But i think problem still exist.
  3. Still, something is wrong with Index panel. Look at video after restarting Publisher. 2023-01-30 о 23.15.39.mov
  4. Restarting Publisher helped. What does this behavior of the panels mean? Is there a mistake somewhere?
  5. Nothing happens. I think this is a problem of Index panel. 2023-01-30 о 22.42.37.mov
  6. I did not change nothing in your files. I have only merged them. Maybe this depends from locales. For example in windows version i got date in format 02.01.2023 with dot.
  7. I tried in windows, too. I have no problem with your files.
  8. Also create problems such panels: Index, Books, Anchors, Table of contents. Other studio panels seems work well. 2023-01-30 о 15.17.30.mov
  9. It seems that problems is with Index panel that causes the second level of panels to jump. Other panels behave differently.
  10. If set studio panels in three levels, panels jumps. 2023-01-30 о 14.45.26.mov In two levels work well. 2023-01-30 о 14.45.03.mov
  11. Index panel is cutted. Look at video 2023-01-30 о 14.34.43.mov
  12. There is no problem with merge on Mac. I will try on windows later.
  13. Click on layer and then Ctrl+A. You do not need use shift. 2023-01-30 07-15-20.mp4 You can also use Select same... 2023-01-30 07-24-59.mp4
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