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  1. There are several different types of TIFF. Which is Affinity Photo using? I plan to move them to Capture One 10.x for cataloging. I'm being forced by Apple's poor judgement from v1.x on to 3.6 of Aperture being EOL. 40 years of photos, digital capture since 1980. All Nikon great majority NEF RAW.
  2. Thanks much for the promise of no longer needing Photoshop. Regarding a DAM, I am considering purchase of Capture One 9.x. With key wording and other improvements over 8.x, it appears to provide a solution for management of images similar to Aperture, which I will continue to use alongside as long as possible/necessary. As far as plug-ins I use mostly Topaz, also On1, and Nik. I really need a DAM and good RAW handling most, but easy round tripping to plugs is very important also. The Aperture Library import path to C19 is very tempting. Affinity Photo has replaced Photoshop on my newest 2015 MacBook Pro Retina. There will be no Photoshop, and definitely no CC rentals on it. If all goes as planned, only possibly activation switching from two of my other computers, but would much rather avoid that. I own a license of CS6 Production Premium on my MacPro 2013 and 2012 which gives me Photoshop there and the ability to activation switch. Lightroom (non-rental) is on the Retina, but not activated, but wish to move away from Adobe entirely. Not happy with their policies and attitude toward their customers. Affinity upgrades look promising. Affinity Photo is most impressive, with plug-ins missed most. Anxious to see the answer to a DAM you mention, might wait for that or move to it if all requirements are met. Thanks, great software thus far!
  3. Great software. Must reiterate rotation for Portrait Mode in Develop and Secondary Monitor display capability. Thanks for all your efforts!