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  1. Yes, this makes perfect sense!
  2. @Aammppaa Thank you for pointing that out and my apologies to @s.auler. It seems we have similar ideas about setting a sync location and if that were to be cloud based, then syncing across multiple devices - and even sharing libraries - would be great. I think Adobe CC Libraries does a pretty good job of this and for me its a killer feature!
  3. Hi s.auler, just looked at the preferences and couldn't see this option.. am I missing something?
  4. Algoz

    Image in bleed area on PDF

    Thanks Patrick. You guys are doing awesome work. I recommend your product 2 -3 times a week!
  5. Algoz

    Image in bleed area on PDF

    Hi Sean, that's great to hear. The work around makes sense. I'll also remake the file by 'placing' the image in a frame and see what happens. I'll let you know! Thank You
  6. Algoz

    Image in bleed area on PDF

    Hi Sean. Wow, that was quick. Sure thing. However, its 146.7MB, can I send a link to a one drive file? https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuufRns4Tmdoha0MeD5YEypxEKGW6Q Thanks Algoz
  7. When I preview a PDF generated from AFP, the colour in the bleed area appears to be darker. I have been an AFD user since it was released and VERY happy with it and hoping the AFP will ease the transition away from adobe! See attached PDF Cheers Alan Hamiltons Nov18 EXPERIMENTAL.pdf
  8. Algoz

    Crash when trying to change font

    Hi Guys, any news on this issue? I switch resolutions just to use AD...! Many thanks
  9. Seems like a good idea. Creative Cloud 'needs' an internet connection to update assets files, but they're still there when offline! Would be great to be able to use something like Dropbox / OneDrive / etc to achieve this. I agree about the concern of many assets being synced, but I am sure a lot of people work like me - desktop in the office/studio, and laptop 'on-the-road'. Using laptop for tweaks in client meetings!
  10. Hi MEB. Any news on when this might happen. And importantly, will it be baked on release 1 of Affinity Publisher? Thanks

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