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  1. Dear All, I have been an Affinity Design (MacOS) user since yesterday, and I'm enjoying it very much. As part of my workflow I: 1. Cut a PDF of an external source (a sketch with figures and text) 2. Paste it into Affinity Designer 3. Manually change all the fonts to match a particular font family, which will in generally be different from the one of the original PDF. 4. Export the new figure My experience is that Affinity Designer will inherit the font family of the original PDF, which makes step 3 necessary, and a bit tedious. My questions are the following: * Is there a way to make sure that the imported fonts get automatically converted to a specific font family, so that step 3 becomes unnecessary? * Is it possible to "script" or automate certain tasks within Affinity Designer? Do Mac users in this forum use Apple Scripts in conjunction with Affinity Designer? Are there resources for this? Thanks in advance for your help Daniele
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