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  1. First of all, I've never posted here in this forum and haven't had Affinity for very long but I am very impressed by the community here and your kind responses! The original files are all saved in greyscale while I have been exporting in CMYK, so I'll try that, looking at the file sizes for the art I can see that they were enlarged (dpi) when I imported them and scaled them down to fit. Is there an easy fix by changing the export settings, or will I have to go back and change all the art? (there are more than 100+ illustrations)... I used all the same techniques when I created this same book in InDesign and it exported the pdf at only 62mb, clearly I don't understand the difference in them. I can't really afford to pay Adobe's exorbitant fees and there is so much I like about the way photo/publisher work together, this has been my first real stumbling block, but man I keep stumbling over it! Thanks again for all of you help!! I'm new but learning!!
  2. They are all 300dpi and they were placed and made smaller, does that make a difference? I have been doing the same thing as I did when creating books with InDesign, and hadn't had this problem before. Unfortunately, my knowledge is limited as I am largely self taught so far...
  3. I am trying to submit a novel for AMAZON KDP, this is the first time I have used Affinity publisher instead of InDesign and I was shocked at the massive file sizes (the novel is 432 pages with art and illustrations on every page, final size was 1.8GB!!) The largest file that KDP will take is 650MB. I have submitted multiple books using InDesign and never ran into file size issues (same size and amount of art). I have tried numerous ways to reduce or compress the file size but the quality takes an immediate hit. I don't know what else I can do, Ive spent weeks on the layout and don't want to have to start from scratch in InDesign... help??
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