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  1. It's a constant source of frustration. I end up doing a scavenger hunt trying to figure out where it was exported or saved to. Here's the way another app that I frequently use rather elegantly handles where things are saved to.
  2. I work with many other apps that save an exported file to the same folder as the source file. While I like the Affinity Suite, the fact that it doesn't do this drives me NUTS. I waste a lot of time trying to find the file exported and it has resulted in the wrong file having been uploaded for a book or sent to a customer. If other apps can save back to the source file's folder as a default on a Mac, I fail to see why Affinity can't do this.
  3. I waste a lot of time looking for save as files and exported files because they don't go into the same folder as where the source file was opened from. If my other apps can save as or export to the same location as the source file opened, I really don't understand why Affinity can't do the same. I've been on Macs since 1990 and this is the first instance that I'm seeing this sort of behavior. It's baffling why an enhancement request that been opened since 2016, that's FIVE YEARS can't be accomodated.
  4. This is something that’s driving me crazy. I have no clue, how Publisher determines the location to save a file. Rather than saving to the same location from which the file was opened, it saves to some previously used location. Even have to go hunting for files. Is there a way to change this? I looked in preferences but I can’t find anything.
  5. Thanks! I have found that the, through this forum thread, that the Affinity Suite does a very fine job of producing press ready PDFs. The only thing I have to research, and is completely outside the scope of the Affinity Suite is a low cost alternative for Adobe Sign. We still use that to get electronic signatures for publishing agreements.
  6. I bought the Publisher workbook. It's great for learning the application and has a two part project to create the inside and the cover for an Alice in Wonderland book. I've just created my first wrap-around cover using Publisher and starting laying out a new book we're producing. I refer back to the guidebook often.
  7. I'm new to using Affinity Publisher for book layout, having previously only used MS Word. How do I set the gutter for a document? To provide context, this is a novel and what I mean by the gutter is the allowance for the binding. For two pages the verso and recto pages would have mirrored gutters. In MS Word, I just set the gutter allowance. How do I do this in Publisher? I've searched for an answer but can't quite find one that makes sense for a novel or a nonfiction book.
  8. Thank you, I’ll look into Publisher’s preflight feature. That would be very helpful. Adobe costs in isolation are not bad, but a small publisher needs to control costs. It becomes a trade off. Purchasing ISBN numbers leads to revenue, as does marketing and advertising. Any costs that can be saved frees up funds to spend on other things. By controlling costs and overhead we can be bolder in what we choose to publish.
  9. I appreciate all of the feedback and input. I have set myself the task of starting to learn Publisher and Photo. I will also download the trial version of Zevrix preflight alternative. My goal is to get off of my subscriptions for Adobe. As I stated in my original goal is to get off of the Adobe products. That would save us $432 USD a year, an outrageous amount for a small independent publisher. To put that in context that is roughly the equivalent to the royalties from 43 books or would buy 10 additional ISBN numbers with nearly $100 money left over. I'm extremely motivated. Adobe pricing is simply exorbitant for a small business like ours.
  10. I have Publisher and the Publisher workbook. It'd odd that the Photo workbook (which I don't have) has a project to produce a book cover, but the Publisher workbook (which I do have) does not.
  11. I bought the entire Affinity suite and have Publisher. I had not planned to use it for covers but that does make sense. I bought it because we're going to publish a heavily illustrated book later in the year, and I needed a proper layout application for it. The learning curve does scare me off a bit. I bought a copy of the Publisher Workbook and plan to work through one of the projects to get started. The covers I do, need only be in PDF form. I don't have to provide crop marks. I provide a full wrap-around cover PDF.
  12. Sorry, I did not mean that I would use something like Checkpoint for PDF production, but rather how I use Adobe Preflight today. I do have a copy of Publisher that I bought as well, mainly two graphic books we will be coming out with later in the year. I bought the Publisher workbook and interestingly enough, that workbook does not include a sample project to work through for a book cover, but the Photo workbook does.
  13. Thank you for the recommendation. I'm trying to target my first test book cover project to be done entirely using Affinity Photo and will look into the PDF alternative for that cover as well.
  14. Hello everyone! I run a small independent book publishing company and I design the book covers. As a small independent book publisher I need to keep our costs down as much as possible. To support the subscription cost of Photoshop and Acrobat DC we have to sell about 68 copies a year of our books. That means less money to spend on advertising and promotion. I'm in the process of trying to get off of Photoshop and onto Affinity, which is not easy, because I have to face a learning curve. What I really need help with is finding an alternative to Acrobat DC so that we can created press ready PDFs for the cover. Just doing that would save us a lot of money. Is anyone using an Acrobat DC alternative for producing press ready PDFs? Thanks!
  15. Hi I'm Ian and I'm new to the Affinity product suite. I am a somewhat recently retires software product manager, who has founded an independent book publishing house. We have so far published 11 titles. . I am most familiar with Photoshop and am trying to find my way with the Affinity suite, including Affinity Publisher. I am wondering if anyone has used Affinity Publisher to do print book layouts, particularly when it comes to some more advanced book needs such as footnotes and endnotes.
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