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  1. I think I figured it out... I had to uninstall everything associated with my Intuo, went into registry, and deleted everything I could find there too... Then reinstalled... It now seems to be working fine... Thanks for the replies... Much appreciated... 😁
  2. Very odd bug... The first part you can see my mouse draw the wiggle... Then I try with my WACOM Intuos 5 Tablet... I've gone through the settings and tried to find anything... Turned off the two monitors etc... cannot figure it out... The tablet worked perfectly with Photoshop, and I tried it with other programs just now and they all work fine too... Any help would be stellar... Cheers! 2021-04-13_16-44-46.mp4
  3. Okay brilliant! Thanks so much for the heads up and the info
  4. Figured it out... BUUUUUUUT... Seems like something that should be changed... I sorted it by setting all my display settings to defaults... Go into your "colour management" and the "advanced" tab set it like this... I have no idea why this would work... Buuuuuut, also it seems silly as this is the only time I've ever heard of this being a thing in over 30 years of computering... Nevertheless... So far I am loving the program and it is everything photoshop should have been... On that note... Your program just seems to do everything just a little better... I am ve
  5. Happy Christmas... Just bought Affinity Photo after getting sick of PS and realising Affinity looks to do most things and just a little better and the pricing is perfection... Any way, I'm trying to install and nothing... Program goes to launch and then false starts... Thus far I have: Turned off all Anti-virus Set compatibility to Windows 8 Set compatibility to Windows XP I've tried these setting and launched both as Admin and not... Version number 1.8.5 All my drivers are up to date, and I'm running a: Nvidia 2080Ti 32GB RAM Ryzen 3
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