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  1. Yesterday I spent 6 hours developing 150 RAW photo's. Well.... 5,5 hours. Spent half an hours to find the 'macro' function to develop the RAW files, to find out there isn't such a function... YET, I hope. Please guys, this is too obvious not to add this feature. So I'm sure it is not 'if', but 'when' Serif implements this.
  2. I am using the latest Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher on Mac. My keyboard is an Apple keyboard with numerical keypad. My system language is UK English, my keyboard is Dutch (using a comma as decimal on the numerical keypad). When I use the keypad to input some decimal value (14,5) in Designer, the value is not accepted. The comma turns red and the number after the comma turns grey. When I hit enter, the value returns to the previous value. I just tested this in Photo and Publisher, there all is fine. It accepts the comma as a decimal... This is something I use a lot. Is this a problem on my side, or is there still an issue in Designer with the decimal comma?
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