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  1. I downloaded the beta, and tried exporting one image that had issue with the regular version. Guess what, something weird is happening in the beta - when I actually click export after making required changes in the export dialog box (viz. pixels, quality etc), the application goes and saves the file as affinity photo file. Here's the exported file, if it's of any use. The file size etc. is that of a jpeg, but the extension is .afphoto, and I can't channge it in the save as dialog box. _GSP0651a.afphoto
  2. Thanks @Joachim_L and @stokerg By original file, do you mean the RAW file, or a processed .afphoto file? I will try the beta version and see.
  3. Yes, no matter where I choose to export, it gives the same error. The only way around is to uncheck the embed metadata box, but then I lose the exif.
  4. Hi, To increase canvas size, just go to "Document - Resize canvas". It has options to let you resize as you want. As regards getting a jpeg, you can't save as jpeg, you have to export as jpeg. But you probably know that already. I have noticed that just reducing the quality to 90% reduces the file size to a large extent without appreciably reducing the quality. Also, if you're still concerned, change the resampling option to bicubic or lanczos instead of the default bilinear. Hope this helps.
  5. Thanks a lot for the reply. The first thread there is exactly what my problem is, but it doesn't seem to have been resolved. Also, moderators have recommended there to start a new thread, so probably it's best that I started this one.
  6. Hello, I am facing a peculiar issue. I have two windows laptops on which Affinity photo is installed. But only on one of them I get this error when exporting an image after finishing the edit - If I turn the embed metadata option off, then it works. However, on the other laptop there is no such issue. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling affinity photo on the machine, but the issue persists. Incidentally, the machine with this issue is the faster of the two. How can I resolve this? Thanks in advance.
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