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  1. That's indeed the thing that's not working apparently. I've selected the picture frame, but the text doesn't wrap. In normal text frames it works
  2. Hi forum members I've created a table (calender with activities) and I've added a picture frame, but the text in the column won't wrap around it. I'v added a pdf to show what I mean. Is this "tables" behaviour, or am I doing something wrong? picture in table.pdf
  3. Dear Bruce, thanks for your help. It certainly helped me in understanding the software better. Unfortunately this didn't solve the problem. So I started deleting pages until the error was resolved. It turned out to be a PDF that was included that had that unknown font. Still strange that the preflight tought it was on the master, but anyway - problem solved! As I'm a newbie, I hope that I can count on your (and other forum members') help in future! regards Marc
  4. Thanks for all your help I've ran the PDF logging and at the bottom of the file I was able to understand what caused the problem. It was a JPG and when I've deleted it, PDF was fine. With respect to that missing font. Preflight says that I'm missing a Ciutadella font in the master page. With the Find and replace panel I can't select that font, because it's not in the list. My Master page is almost empty, and even when I make it empty, that missingfont error is still in the preflight. It doesn't harm apparently, just annoying that I don't have a clean preflight check.
  5. Hi, everythime I do export to pdf, I get an error. "an error occured while exporting to". At first I thought it had to do with some preflight errors, but I took out all images that had an error. I found on this forum the hint to set the text 'to curves' in the 'more options' while exporting and that seemed to work, but not with good quality. The only thing that is still red in the preflight is 1 missing font, which is supposedly on the Master page, but I can't find it. When I double-click on the error of the missing font, it doesn't show up in the font manager. Could this missing font (ciutadella) be the error? or something else...
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