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  1. I've no issues posting to a new thread.. I posted this HERE because there were OTHER people reporting issues not only with 4000 series AMD GPUs (seeing as the initial comment specifically states 5000 series) but another one with an Nvidia GPU as well.. AMD may very well have said they "know about and are working on a fix" but we've all heard this response from many companies and in many (not all) cases, the problem is not rectified until the developers who contacted one of the largest, and right now by far the most popular, CPU & GPU manufacturers. If you're reporting on 5000 series AMD GPUs.. and you have complaints from people running 4000 series, as well as Nvidia cards, then as I originally stated, perhaps there is something that needs to be done on Affinity's side as they seem to be the common denominator when other GPUs are experiencing similar problems. And I have no problem leaving hardware acceleration disabled, as I already mentioned I have to do if I want to use the software in my initial comment, but this is exactly why I will not make the switch from to Affinity Photo from Photoshop.. Again.. I absolutely love Affinity Designer and have no issues with it whatsoever (as you pointed out they use different hardware acceleration.. perhaps the answer lies in that statement alone) Though I've no issues gladly saying that if I was within my window of getting a refund for Photo and I had not got it for only $25 during a 50% off sale, I would have already been requesting it. A quick google search proves Affinity is much more focused on Mac than Windows because the number of complaints about software performance is significantly higher.. Let's face it.. developing software for Windows is not as easy as Mac OS due to the extensive range of available hardware you need to support when compared to the handful of configuration options when developing for Mac. My apologies for simply trying to add to this post that a problem relating to hardware acceleration may not just be limited to AMD 5000 series... At least now I know not to even try and contribute any bug reports I've experienced.
  2. My mistake on the version number... I was thinking I'd purchased the software in the last iteration of 1.8 but looking at my install files it was in fact 1.9... so.. Wrong about the version number, my mistake, but definitely accurate on the other information regarding different Nvidia Studio Drivers, system restores, and multiple versions of Affinity Photo (starting with 1.9 as I was incorrect about when I first purchased the software). I've been using the Nvidia Studio drivers since they became "A thing" and also tried switching to the Game Ready driver to see if it would fix this issue, but it did not..
  3. I'm running a Windows laptop with an Nvidia 1660Ti and I have to disable hardware acceleration if I want Affinity Photo to run for more than 1-2 minutes before crashing.. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, changed driver, and even formatted my system.. problem still persists and through MULTIPLE versions of Affinity Photo... (I've been having to disable it since version 1.8 to avoid this).. so it has gone through MULTIPLE Nvidia Studio Drivers as well... I think Affinity is pointing the finger in the wrong direction "Contacting AMD about their drivers" when obviously so many other people, not even using AMD 5000 GPU's, are experiencing problems with hardware acceleration enabled.. The common denominator in all of this is Affinity's approach to how THEY are accessing cards for hardware acceleration in Windows if I was to guess.. I mean let's face it, their software runs beautifully on Macs most of the time, so I'm of the strong opinion their focus is primarily on Mac.. I'm honestly just glad I've never canceled my Adobe subscription because I can't rely on their software alone to handle my work and I probably wouldn't have even started experimenting with it had it not been for a 50% off sale where I purchased all 3 applications and a number of brush packs.. Affinity Designer is a completely different story when it comes to performance on my laptop.. I can leave hardware acceleration enabled and work inside the program for HOURS without it having any issues whatsoever.. this too has been the case through MULTIPLE versions of Affinity, multiple Nvidia Studio drivers, several full system restores, etc.. again.. making me think this is a problem inside the Affinity Photo application..
  4. AHHH!! THANK YOU! Yes this is the option I was looking for.. I'd been trying to add the base hair that gets repeated into the Base Texture and Nozzle options of a round brush after posting this and simply couldn't get what I was going for.. Too many years using PS LOL.. Thank you so much!
  5. Hello all.. I'm trying to figure something out but for the life of me, I can't seem to find the answer.. I'm following this tutorial on creating a custom brush for Designer (re-creating a beard hair brush I made for myself years ago in PS) How to create and import brush in Affinity Designer - YouTube The problem I'm running into is that I need to be able to adjust the dynamics of this brush (like the size and scattering etc) for it to be effective, so I have to create it as a pixel persona brush seeing as I don't have these options in the vector brush dialog box.. But apparently once I have defined the brush using the selection/image like in the video, I have no ability to change the color of this brush when painting with it, which for my particular purpose is pretty useless unless I want to add a color overlay to every layer I use it on.. So..... How do you create a a custom pixel brush that you can paint with any chosen color, like the default brushes or the ones I've purchased through the website?
  6. You get what you pay for, and I'm sick of this issue... I'm glad I'm still paying for ADOBE!!!!! Even Gimp and Inkscape are more stable, offering a better and more reliable, working experience and they're FREE!!!!!!! These "Devs" are just like the ones over in charge of "Djay" .. (I think its Algoriddym or something strange but similar)... their apps work BEAUTIFULLY on anything and everything related to APPLE... then you read nothing but complaints from PC users while the "Devs" sit there saying they can't re-create the situation... that's because they're sitting there waiting on their MacOS distribution to do it, which is won't...
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