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  1. Thanks for that, v. helpful I presume it's in the spirit of non-destructive editing but is odd that the reset isn't remembered. If I deselect the object and then reselect it goes back to the original orientation. However, if you change the rotation position, in the same set of buttons, this stays repositioned. Is there a setting where I can keep the new orientation, until I decide to change it? Or can this behaviour be added? The really odd behaviour is if I select a small portion of the image in a 'straightened' orientation and delete the rest, the selection box maintains the original slanted orientation but smaller, which really doesn't make sense. I know this is a small detail but it's the sort of thing that interupts workflow. Thanks
  2. Hi there, In Affinity Photo I want to resize part of an image in one direction (changing the proportion from top to bottom) that is on a slant. I select the move tool and the bounding box is set in orientation with the image. If I rotate that box it remains in the same orientation to the original object no matter what I do with cropping or pasting to another file. Is there a way of reorienting the bounding box. Thanks
  3. Just like to say that really I like the color picker functionality, esp that it lets you select from anywhere. It should be accessible from a keyboard shortcut and toolbar icon - I don't always have the colour panel open. I should be able to choose whether, in general, selections go to the colour well or straight to a selected object. I like the idea of the colour well like a pre-swatch group. I build a colour well group somehow from colour picker selections and then it is there for reuse in the current work session or I could convert it to a swatch group.