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  1. Now that I've tried it a few times, both techniques almost work. The issue is that alpha-channel pixels still persist, while I would like all alpha channel pixels to either be removed or turned fully opaque and I haven't yet found a good way of doing so in Affinity Photo. I've found the 'solution', though, it's at the bottom. In your example as well, @telemax, most transparent pixels are removed, but not all. There is no denying that the latter is cleaner, less alpha pixels, but there's still alpha pixels for some reason and I cannot figure out why. Here is zoomed in: The solutio
  2. That would work in GIMP or Photoshop but the end result in Affinity Photo is, well, this: and I cannot figure out why. I would also prefer if I could find a way to maybe remove those alpha pixels rather than fill them with an opaque color, but either can work, I guess. EDIT: Example in GIMP below.
  3. Hello, what would be the best way to remove alpha channel pixels from a layer or make them fully opaque? In case I'm not making sense, here's an example: I add some red background and make a stroke with the brush over it with a green color, there's going to be red pixels of the background, green pixels of the brush and pixels that are green with alpha channel - how could I remove those with alpha channel or make them fully opaque? Both GIMP and Photoshop have ways of doing this for whole document, layer or selection, I'm curious how one would do this in Affinity Photo, or even Affini
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