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  1. I will test it and if it running well i will not a final note in this chat. Thanks a lot to all, i wish you very a nice christmas time and healt and a good 2021
  2. I found this menu. I think this is the assitent you mention? I turned this option off. I looking forward what happen...
  3. Hi, that sound good. Sofar i remember, sometime comes a small popup with rendering. But i think this is a notice only fo the active pixellayer. But i think it is possible that the hole document rastered. I looking for the option to turn off the automatical rastering. Wher can i find this?
  4. sorry, i need to start tomorrow very early. Last working day in germany for me. I hope you find a solution or have some tips for me to test. I will answer you post asap See you
  5. of course, i really impressed for the help in thins forum. Thanks to all Here another file. i test some addustments with the size, kind of letters and so on. Often i load picture to the text. But the described mistake don't happen now. But it is a permanet problem with Affinty and it was a problem with PS test_2-1.afphoto
  6. second version. i think i start the documentation history after start wrote the text test 2.afphoto
  7. I do it in the way you show before. Yes, sometime i choose a layer with right clicking. But only for copy and paste the layer. Sometime build a group. Not more and no rastering
  8. sorry i see this was teh document i upload. Do you tink a document you add with a textlayer to test with my computer is a good idea?
  9. I open the document. You have save it with new text? If i open all layers are pixellayers?
  10. Mhm, after that i do nomaly nothing. saving an ready. I tested just humself and a new textdocument is writeable. I don't know what happen, but if i open the document later or chnage the document ... suddently the textlayer is a pixellayer
  11. I create the text content direct in Affinty. This problem i dont have during my Gimp time. Then i moved to Photoshop and here was the same problem. This was one reason , beside the coast to start my time with Affinty 3 Weeks before
  12. Hi here a ex. . I save always in std-format Gutscheinvorlage Schnupperkurs Weihnachten Airbrushkurs 2019.afphoto
  13. Mhm, what do you mean with document? Where can i find this information? It's a *afohoto file. Standard template A4
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