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  1. I dived in a little deeper and found that I had two nodes that sat exactly on top of each other. I had to delete one node like this. >> select both nodes >> click "divide" in the node functions This should get rid of any unwanted nodes without distorting the shape. Found help here: Hope it helps future generations
  2. Hey guy, I have a shape with no fill and I want the stroke to be shape. So I use "Expand Stroke". The issue is that when I do this AD doesn't directly convert the stroke as it is but cuts off a corner. Look at the screenshots. Maybe you can give me hint why this is happening. EDIT: Maybe I should say, that the strokes are aligned to the inside of the shape
  3. Thanks a lot! You were right. It was not a perfect circle anymore since I imported the shape from Inkscape to AD. And because of that the outline went crazy. I made a new circle and unified it with the shape and now it's good. Made me aware of other issues with the document. Thanks for that aswell!
  4. Hey guys, sorry in advance, I'm not sure if I'm using the right terms as I'm not an english native. My problem is that i have a custom shape and when I want to apply an outline/contoure to the shape I get these lines. I don't know what I'm looking for, I didn't find any solutions on Google. Please look at the screenshot. I'm sure you experts know whats wrong. Thanks guys!
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