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  1. Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I do have the patch tool selected (see screenshot). When I was first using it, and I had a circular brush outline, I believe the help text at the bottom said something like alt-click to select source of the patch, and now it says "Drag to mark area to be patched" so I must have somehow changed the mode of this tool. Does anyone know how to get it back into a mode where I have a circular brush and can simply alt-click to set the source of the patch?
  2. Summary: I can no longer see the circle outline of the patch tool brush. How do I get it back? Details: I was using the patch tool, with a circular brush that I could make larger and smaller with "]" and "[", and using alt-click to select source region, etc. Then, somehow, I must have done something, and I can no longer see the circle outline of the brush and the patch tool. I've searched the help and forum and I can't see what I've done to switch modes. Please help me figure out how to get the circular patch region to show again when I am using the patch tool. I think it is in a mode when it wants me to click and drag to select a source region.