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  1. Thanks guys! You give me hope and encouragement… will try the trial version of Publisher first on Pages exports in different formats.
  2. Can Publisher on a Windows10 desktop import Pages documents created on iPad Pro? Does the Pages doc need to be converted to a PDF? Can it be edited in Publisher after importing? I use Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro, but would like to use Publisher . I do not have a Mac laptop or desktop. I do have an aging HP with Windows 10 and am considering buying publisher.
  3. Should have added truck to winter travel. A bone-rattling road was plowed 80 miles through the forest and muskeg to The Pas from Moose Lake when the ice was thick enough to support a grader. 🙂
  4. Thanks VectorWhiz. Just had a look at Terpning’s “Blood man”. Wow, I am honoured to be mentioned in the same post as him. The whole experience in the north beginning in 1975 was one of my greatest adventures. I’m so grateful to the people I met for their kindness and teachings. Trappers, hunters, fishermen, teachers, storekeepers, leaders, shaman, such a rich and varied group. At that time there were no telephones, no all-weather roads, travel was by snowmobile, or dog teams in winter and by air or boat on the rivers in summer. My respect for them is boundless.
  5. Very nice…. I have somehow managed to resist the urge to get some ink so I have to ask… what are the mechanical objects behind the type?
  6. Thanks for your comments, guys. I probably would not hang the 2nd one in view of small children, sensitive pets, or civilized guests… 🙂 but AffilityJules has a point. Please forgive a wordy response. Those of you familiar with Goya (Spanish painter) may see similarities to “Saturn Devouring His Son” which partially inspired the illustration. But mostly it came from this encounter. Many Cree people believe in a creature called the Wentigo that is driven by a cannibal spirit to eat human flesh. During my first year at Moose Lake I happened to be visiting Chief Tobacco and I asked him about this creature because someone had shown me a spot on a grass covered hillock near the lake shore that looked as if someone sat there leaving a print where the grass had died. They said a Wentigo had entered the village and the people began to chase it to drive it away. It became exhausted trying to escape and collapsed briefly on that spot. Since then no grass had grown there. Chief Tobacco said that his grandfather and another relative were hunting one winter when they had found a Wentigo that was frozen. When they tried to thaw it near the fire it began to scream. They were frightened and decided to kill it by adding more wood to make a huge fire. The fire consumed the Wentigo completely except for its heart which would not burn. I later came across a book that examined several R.C.M.P. cases involving murders in isolated northern communities where the suspects believed they had been possessed by a Wentigo spirit and felt an irresistible hunger for the flesh of their own family members. The topic of the book was the Wentigo Psychosis - which has been recorded in medical journals. I believe it is possible the stress of isolation in harsh winter conditions where the spectre of starvation still resides in the memories of some of the people could have caused the psychotic condition in some of the book examples. However, I think the other stories I had heard had more reasonable explanations such as a possible spill of gasoline from one of the boats that are often pulled out of the water close to the spot where the grass does not grow.
  7. I haven’t been on the forum for a while… These are a couple of recent works. They are from a novel that grew from the ten years I lived and worked on First Nations reserves in the north of Manitoba and Ontario. The floral mandala is from beading in the Swampy Cree culture. The texture in the lettering is a photo of tanned moose hide. The figure is a character from the novel… a shape-shifting shaman called Agak (Raven in Ojibway). The picture without type is an imagined representation of the Wendigo from Cree, Saulteaux, and Ojibway cultures. Hope all here have survived Covid and are faring well…
  8. I can see that one could work on a photo like this for an almost infinite span of time and still see more corrections to be made, but your examples and this short dip into the world of photo restoration has shown me that it is possible to restore from even severe damage. I probably won’t spend a lot more time on this one, but I am very grateful for your help. I thank you, and my family thanks you!
  9. Wow! Thanks, guys. Your examples and advice are inspiring. I am having some success and will show my results (if they are not too embarrassing 😏)…
  10. In the opinion of those in the forum who are more experienced with Affinity Photo, does this example have enough of the original image to be saved by retouching. Any tips on how to begin would be very much appreciated. (Like which tools would be most appropriate to use in the initial stages.) This question must seem so basic but my use of Affinity software has been 95% focused on Designer. The photo here is from a family album in the Philippines. I hope I can help them recover the image but am at a loss as to the best approach.
  11. Hi Danny9, these are inspiring! A huge amount of work …nice to see more of the possibilities of Affinity tools (wielded by a skilled designer / artist).
  12. Nice concept, clean and simple... but so cat-like. 🤓
  13. Invisible skeletal forces can be revealed in a playful, unsophisticated way.
  14. Ladybird - life in the fast lane... Awesome work, Peter. Great series!.
  15. Great work! Excellent design and control of the medium. 非常好! Thanks for sharing.. I hope to see more of your work...
  16. At least we have something to look forward to... 👍🏼
  17. Thanks Alfred. Any estimates for availability?
  18. I found a link to the Affinity Store for Affinity Publisher for iPad. I have the iPad Pro (11 inch) model MTXQ2VC/A (A1980) but when I go to the Apple store to purchase there is a notice that the software is not available for this device. Does this mean It is still being developed for ipad or that it will not work on the iOS 14.4.1, or that it will not work on this model of iPad? Thanks for any clarification. - Ren De
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