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  1. The behaviour is really strange. I opened the huge file in beta and resaved it. It became a normal size file of about 30 MB. And all links are the same and linked not embedded. Then I opened the IDML-file with this beta, and it was 240 MB, not 290 MB as in 1.9.1, but again rather big. And all links are the same and linked not embedded. Can someone explain, how these different sizes can happen. And what can I do to reduce the size of the big files without loosing quality?
  2. you mean when I produce a new afpub file with the same linked files it will be that huge? When I have time I will do it.
  3. Yes I know, but how can I create a normal sized file out of IDML? In the case I reported it embeds high resolution stuff, that is strange.
  4. Hello there, I made a afpub-file out of an idml. The size in afpub is almost 300 MB, and I have no embedded links. Every placement ist linked. I think the bug is, that AFpub embedds all files, even when they are linked. The size in Indesign is 20 MB. The problem is in every version of Afpub, it is not a problem only in beta.
  5. it is fixed with beta great job, it was not that important, nevertheless you solved it thank you
  6. Yes I have the same problem with the final 1.9.0 release on mac. It occurs also with the 1.9. releases of designer and photo.
  7. Hello in all new Versions 1.9.0 of the programs I am not able to save a export preset. I installed at first via update and then again a totally new version. But it does not help.
  8. ok means it is a feature and not a bug as I assumed....
  9. and when I place a new file in the document it is not assigned but converted. I don‘t think that assigning works properly, thats my problem. When I choose assign colours in the document settings, it should be saved with the document as long as I don‘t choose convert, the button should stay at "assigned".
  10. The problem is that I cannot choose assigning. And sometimes it makes sense not to change the cmyk-values.
  11. Hello there, in document settings I cannot choose colour assigning, the setting always returns to colour conversion, i made a screenrcording. The problem is the same in Designer 1.8.6 und 1.9.023 and is the same in Publisher 1.8.6 und Bildschirmaufnahme_2021-02-02_um_09_45_36.mov
  12. Hello all, fixed with Publisher version Great, thank you!!!!
  13. What do you mean with "the primarily placed pdf"? Hello Thomaso: I meant the at first placed whole page pdf.
  14. The pdf passthrough is a very good feature but till now it is not perfect. I send you a publisher file with 3 placed pdfs. in the background two logos with black that is only 100% black. In the foreground one page of a publication. The main text again is 100% black. (only the monkey is not 100% black) When I export to pdf x4 one of the logos (the star) becomes 4 coloured black. The other yellow logo is set to overprint black and the whole page text is NOT overprinted black When exporting to ready for printstudio both logos blacks are 100% black, and the text is NOT ove
  15. I have the same problem when exporting to pdf x4, when I export with pdf (ready for print studio) it is ok. In indesign exporting to pdf x4 you have the option: colors: convert to target profile (don‘t change cmyk-values). Then real black stays real black
  16. Hello Gabe same problem in beta release candidate
  17. hi something is not ok here in photo, but in publisher and designer it is ok
  18. I tested it, in the problem file it is as you described. But the problem stays even when I change the document. And in the new file, I can change to one single page. And it stays possible to change everything. The Problemfile has something inside of it that is very odd. The best solution is not to spend more time with it, but to delete it. Or do you want to seek further? Many thanks for your help
  19. no I began with landscape orientation. And something I found out on the problem-file: in the layoutsettings I cannot change to A5 and Printing (printstudio), it works for some seconds, then it always becomes "Autodefined" and Printing. On the new document I can change whatever I want.
  20. it is really strange, I don‘t how it happened. When I replicate it I send you a message.
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