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  1. Unfortunately the fix didn't last long. It has now returned to its original outlined state. 😞
  2. Well that's interesting. I tried it and the outline was still showing up. However, when I changed back to Light Mode, the outline has gone. So thanks for the fix...even if it didn't occur the way you thought it would. 🙂
  3. Kinda hard to miss. It's like that prickle in your sock. Thanks for trying to help.
  4. In-program, all icons behave as they should. It is outside the program that the Publisher icon misbehaves (i.e., taskbar, start menu etc)
  5. No, no change to the icons on the taskbar. This does change when in the program and I click on one of the others, the 'highlight' moves to the chosen program. But the taskbar icon remains as pictured. It never changes, even when I unpin and then pin it again.
  6. Why does my Publisher (V2) icon have a dark grey outline? A minor niggle in comparison to what else is transpiring, but annoying nonetheless. Anyone know how to fix it? I have pinned/unpinned, started/restarted & then pinned/unpinned icon to taskbar, but it remains different to the Photo & Designer icons. OS Windows 10, icons pinned to taskbar.
  7. I guess it largely depends on what you're used to. And the "New" window is the least of it. The other windows that open on top of the document you are working on are a different ball game and are really annoying when they pop up on top of your document so you can't see...as mentioned earlier.
  8. I use all that inner space to name what the preset is for. For example, if you used a site called Intergalactic Shadenfreude which needed a banner of 1063x227, then the space can easily be used to name the site and say what the preset is for (i.e., banner). It could just as easily be listed, as you suggest, thus saving space, but is there really a need since the window automatically disappears the moment you create the canvas/artboard.
  9. Careful what you say buddy, some of us are bloody animals!ðŸĪĢ😂
  10. I guess there's always going to be a tradeoff...as unhappy that can make us at times. Ooo, I love that one too! And the way the HSL covers the image so you can't see what's going on...unless of course you have the Navigation panel open, then you can see what's occurring--in minature. I need new glasses.🧐 Another favourite is the way the layer panel opens on the right side of the screen 95% of the time. Then BANG! Out of nowhere it's open on the left. Really disturbing when you're in the zone.ðŸĪŠ Thanks for the links. The one about floating panels explains exactly what happened to my studio--I accidentally undocked the entire group of panels. Who knew I was a magician? I can make things levitate without trying.😂
  11. Yes. This is a problem, the need to move one panel to access the full content of another panel. And I guess, this is one of the reasons the Studio couldn't be locked even if there was that capability. But it's annoying to have to do that and often causes unplanned 'rearrangement' of panels. Sometimes inserting a panel into another unintentionally, 'splitting' the main panel, so options of the main panel then sit below the accidentally inserted one. Having to chase them around the UI is time consuming. Less so now that the Preset button is sorted.😂 I guess there is a price for everything. If we want the capability of moving panels around, then we have to expect that they will wander sometimes. Okay, so I just learned there is such a thing as Resource Manager.😆 Obviously not a feature I've needed--yet. And what do you mean...useless icons? Mine opens to "My Presets" and I have nearly filled that 'large area' of which you speak.😄 Not having to recall and enter all those presets is a godsend.
  12. Yup, that was exact thing I was missing.😊 Thanks for the explanation. Well, that snippet did its job. It inspired me to visit his site. The dude certainly knows his canvas. Yeah, not a position I envy--having to reject a great pic to make room for an advert. You get points for originality. For all the things I've been called in the past, it's the first time I've ever been called Ginger.ðŸ˜ĩ ðŸĪĢðŸĪĢ
  13. I would love to take you up on that but the Jag is still in the repair shop getting the windscreen wipers fixed. I would settle for a Camberwell carrot. BTW, you have some very cool art on your site.👍
  14. Sorry, my recklessnessity took that out of context. 😉 You think more panel dock columns etc would solve the problem? I can only imagine how badly that could go after my experience the other day--I even managed to somehow get the image scroll bar to the outer edge of the entire screen without even a glimpse of it being done. Took me ages to find it as it was hidden by the panels docked on the right.ðŸĪĢ Re: The Quark...Now I'm not sure whether you're suggesting more panel dock columns as stated, or less panels but with the changing content (which would solve the problem but potentially revive the issue of constantly going to a drop down menu to change the needed panel?). Or maybe you were suggesting something entirely different?
  15. Q: On P.6 The left alignment of text seems to be out of whack with everything else, is that because it is the only page without colour at the edge? I like the general layout, but some of the spacing is odd and I can't determine if I'm missing something like needed page bleeds (but if that's it, they appear irregular). A few examples of this are: P.9 The text block isn't centralised (closer to the right than left) and the setting of the picture beneath doesn't suggest this is a bleed issue. P.36 The image on the bottom right could be more uniform as there is space to make it bigger, making the alignment closer to the left/right alignment of the image above it. That is an awesome picture of Luigi Mansi. Very...soulful. 👍
  16. Auto-open/close? That ain't music, that's noise! I have enough trouble with autocorrect. Apparently I'm not as predictable as computers expect.ðŸ˜ķ
  17. @Old Bruce I'm still learning things, and the reason for Studio Preset is something I learned yesterday. I don't know why I insist on enduring such frustration to get something through my skull (aka, so that's what Studio Preset is for). It got me thinking, for those of us that constantly move panels around accidentally, maybe there should be a way to lock the studio. I would certainly find it a great feature, as once I have my panels the way I like them, I rarely move them--purposely. However, making the suggestion seemed kinda silly if I was the only one with a reckless finger. If you do it too, it seems I'm not. But we may be in a special elect club--The Reckless Painters. Sounds like a Rock n Roll band...
  18. Today is the first time I've trashed the joint, but somehow I always manage to unintentionally swap contiguous panels around. This slows things down. I assumed they'd already have a lock feature, but that I was just being particularly thick by not being able to find it. ðŸ˜ĩ
  19. After accidentally dragging *something* (I don't know what) and then trying to fix it, I wrecked my studio settings so badly that it looked like someone had broken in and trashed the joint. I couldn't believe what a baffling mess could be made with one or two clicks. After much brain ache, I was left with no alternative but to reset the studio and reconfigure it to my preferences. And yes, knowing better now, adding the reconfiguration as a preset. Being able to configure the studio (panels) to personal preference is awesome, but is there some way to lock them? Accidentally dragging something and then trying to re-dock it, is fraught with danger--as I discovered today. I've looked, but can't find an answer to this anywhere. I'm possibly using the wrong terminology or something.
  20. Hey @stokerg, Thanks for the interest. The EPS has uploaded and is winging its way to you!
  21. I bought a pack of EPS lens flares from Depositphotos. I REALLY want them. However, I downloaded the file and while the letters saying what was included were in layers, the flares themselves are in a single image and can't be extracted in AD. I have since discovered (right here in the forums, that this is an ongoing issue). However, since I'd already purchased them and it hadn't stated that the EPS files were specifically for AI or Corel Draw, Depositphotos agreed to help me out. They sent me an AI file (useless to me) an EPS file (still useless since the flares are in the single image), an SVG file, and a PDF file. This was kind of them, but it still doesn't help me as I can't figure out how to *use* them. I can't simply copy them to single png files as they are embedded. Does anyone know how I can isolate them? (I've tried tonal extraction but it's not satisfactory). *tears more hair out* TIA!
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