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  1. You did help! :) though may I ask how your lines are smooth? I've changed it to the settings suggested above but mine still looks pixleated when yours's is smoother. Could be brush? :O
  2. You explained it really well! But thats not my issue though ^^'' I know how to use the pen tool and how to get the tapered effect with that. I *NEEDED* it with the brush because, I prefer to sketch out what I'm doing then, go over it with the pentool todo the lineart. But the brush is extreamly pixleated and dosn't do the taper effect. I drew this in a free program: and drew this in photo, I can't comprehend why photo is doing this pixelated mess. The free program is drawing smoother lines?
  3. Changing it to velocity helped. thank you so much! And yeah I was getting the blob issue. And I was thinking of getting a tablet but I usually sketch whatever it is I'm doing then go over it with the line tool. I was hoping the mouse would be-able to create the tapered effect though. Is there any way to stop the pixle look though?
  4. Are you using photo or designer? I can't find the controller for the brush in photo?. And I know a mouse has no pressure lol but please look at this (fire alpaca) ^ , In a free drawing program the lines are SMOOTH and I can choose to zero pressure points, even with a mouse. But in photo the lines are extremely pixelated and I can't find the controller for the brush? affinity photo ^
  5. But it said "your post was awaiting moderator approval" even after a few days? lmao, but thank you for the welcome ^^ this is the dynamics tab, but I'm not getting the tapered ends?
  6. Hi there!, Could somebody help me please, I've tried messing around with the settings on the brush tool to get tappered lines. I use a mouse to draw and when I do in affinity photo I get this; but When I draw in "Fire Alpaca" I get this; In fire alpaca I have, stablizer set to 38 and have "Force pressure on both ends" checked. What do I have to change to get the tapered effect in photo? I've changed the settings to this but still no luck; Please could someone help
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