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  1. BofG Your suggestion was right on, I had my layers nested incorrectly. Thanks again! Roc
  2. Hello! Attempting to export to PDF for Blurb output from Publisher 10.5 on Microsoft Surface and using Acrobat. Attached files show document and export settings and output errors in the final PDF. There are 2 abutting images of trees which should both be sepia but the right one outputs as blue and the cloud/fish image has a screened back rectangular artifact in the middle. Can someone sort this? I can't figure out what the problem is. I get the same results with multiple attempts. Thanks! Roc
  3. Thanks for the the feedback guys. RC-R per original post, the problem is that the Save was truncated so never saved in AFPub document. If you have any insights I'd love to hear them. Thanks, Roc
  4. Thanks for getting back. From the Microsoft site I installed: Windows 11 Pro, ver. 21H2, and OS Build 22000.318. This is the first time this error has ever happened and I've been working with large files in AFPhoto for years. It only happened with Publisher and not with Photo. The files I'm working with in Pub are large, about 750MB/spread with 20 spreads. Files are embedded and saved to external 1TB solid state drive. The laptop is a Surface Book 2 with a 500GB internal drive, 16GB RAM, i7 processor, and Navidia GTX 1050. After looking through previous posts on this subject I assumed the file was gone so I've rebuilt the book and saved to Documents on the C with no problem and to the external drive. Since there has been no definitive answer as to why this occurred, I'm most concerned that it doesn't happen in the future. Can you shed light on this? What are your developers saying? Thanks so much!
  5. Using Windows 11 with newest version of Publisher. Attempted to Save file and Save hung up midway through so I hit escape. Save stopped but when I attempted to open Pub. book I got the message, "Truncated File Unable to Open." I get the same message everytime I try to open the file. I save my files to an external 1TB solid state Toshiba drive. Please help
  6. When using Selection Tool the screen will often freeze stopping the selection for a random amount of time. It usually becomes active again at some point. It often happens when switching between Add and Subtract. This has happened with previous versions. Currently running latest version of Photo. Could this have something to do with not enough RAM being allocated? Thanks!
  7. Thanks so much guys! Very useful video, especially the explanation of noise in the red channel in B&W. Roc
  8. Hello All, I'm a new member, but long time user of Affinity Photo who is curious if anyone has experience with Infrared raw conversions to B&W in AP and is anyone working in IR with the Sony a7R series mirrorless cameras? Thanks, Roc
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