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  1. Hi @MEB Thank you for getting back to me! Regarding the first issue, to sharpen the RAW (RAF) at least as sharp as the Jpg, I have to push the radius way up, and that creates artifacts... Regarding opening darker, I tried to switch to Apple engine but to no effect. Here are 2 examples, the Jpg and the RAF of the same image. I've also been told that maybe AP struggles with Fuji's RAF files, can you confirm that? Can you suggest a workaround? Thank you very much. appennini_coppia1.RAF
  2. Help please! When I open raw files in AP 1.8.3 on my MacBook (2008) they appear way darker and way less sharp than the Jpgs. In order to fix sharpness I have to apply a radius of over 40, which creates noise...The same raws though appear even sharper than the Jpgs when opened in PS. My camera is Fujifilm XT20. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do? Thank you!
  3. Problem was, I didn't know hot to right-click on a mac. Now I know, so thanks guys! :-)
  4. Hi everyone, this does sound stupid but I just created a BW adjustment preset that I don't want and I just can't delete it... using mac. Am I missing something? Thanks
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