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  1. Is there a way to print out the same page multiple times without duplicating? Let's say I have flyer type A (size A5) I want to print twice on an A4, 5 times (so 10 flyers of type A). Then there's flyer type B (size A5) I want to print twice on an A4, 15 times (so 30 flyers of type B). Obviously I could duplicate page A 10 times, and page B 30 times, and print out the correct result, but if there's an error on B, I'd have to delete 29 copies, edit it, then reduplicate 29 times. I have simplified my problem, so please assume usage of master pages are not a viable option. And please remember I'm looking for a solution where I don't have to duplicate pages.
  2. Great tool! Some suggestions: Detect whether Publisher/Photo/Designer are installed (and if only one, skip the "back up which" question, and remove sync option) Allow for a default back up name, useful for people who just intend to have a single configuration. (enter no value for the backup name) A bug: When doing a backup on the same name, it asks for me if I want to overwrite. I can't say (y)es!
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