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  1. I finally bought Magic Trackpad 2 so I can use it to zoom in and out. Moving the canvas (panning) also works flawlessly. This is the best option to use it comfortably with external display for now. I still would prefer a regular mouse when the future update finally support zoom and panning tho.
  2. No I’m not using the cloud service, I just saved it to my internal storage. And sometimes directly to my external SSD
  3. Does panning (moving around the canvas) also work with magic trackpad? I would like to know before buying. Thanks
  4. I recently lost some documents as well. I think there are two way that triggered the damage (unable to load). first: I did “save a copy” some of my documents directly to my external ssd to safe my storage and remove it from my internal storage. Some documents works fine when i open it back from my external ssd but some of them was unable to load (damaged) one of them is very important logo project. second: The other time I lost documents (unable to load) was when I exit the document using the back button on the top left (I saved it before i exit) and then the document thumbnails i just closed turned black and there was a spinning wheel for a long time and the and the app just crashed. The document was unable to load after that happened. Lately the app frequently crashes when I quit the document. The documents that get damage because of it was rare. But it made me nervous all the time. Please made this bug a priority to fix. thank you.
  5. Please add better way to navigate the screen with mouse and keyboard for the next update. It would be very helpful. Zoom: Please add feature to use regular mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom out or keyboard shortcut CMD + or CMD - Panning: Please add space bar + left click mouse to panning the document or add shortcut H for the accessibility Hand tool feature I really love Affinity apps. Thankyou
  6. I prefer the space bar + mouse left click drag. But this will do. please add this. The hand tool was already there but we need the shortcut H like in affinity photo for faster workflow.
  7. Please add split screen and also open 2 affinity designer side by side on split screen. It would be very helpful and time saving.
  8. Please support split screen and also open 2 affinity apps on split screen. Sometimes I need to move things between my documents.
  9. I really need this feature as well, is there another way to zoom in/out and panning?. Keyboard shortcut be very helpful because it’s hard to use a mouse and keyboard and have to touch the screen to navigate the canvas. I tried to use different mouse but scroll wheel to zoom didn’t work. And space + mouse left click also didn’t work.
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