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  1. yes, the company is free to do whatever it wants, only that it has the potential to grow more and win more customers.
  2. I see that Affinity has a very strong resistance to launch a version for linux. In hollywood more linux is used than windows and I believe that it can make many users who already use windows and want to change their systems go to linux. The company is in doubt if it will recover the money or not and I think so, if it was not worth launching Linux software to Editshare and Black Magic would not launch its video editors for linux. I see a lot of excuses for not launching your software for linux, I think you should review it, because it sounds prejudiced
  3. you could ask Editshare developer of Lightworks and Black & Magic that has editing software for linux, I think they would not spend resources for now developing for linux
  4. exactly, according to the developers of the video editor Lightworks, linux is much more used in hollywood than windows and also black & magic would not do a version of davinci resolves for linux
  5. why don't they do market research? is always an excuse for not bringing software version for Linux
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