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  1. Hi everyone! I'm trying to use the spand stroke tool on a brush and it doesn't work. I was wondering if I'm getting it right or not it always works with some brush types. If not, is there a way to convert a stroke to a vector without using that tool? Thanks Best regards.
  2. Hi everybody! I just tried to install 2 brush packs called "Grain-Volume-II-Affinity-Brushes-MiksKS" and "Affinity-Pattern-Brushes-MiksKS" and they are not available in the brush menu in Affinity Designer 1.8. 5,703. What I do is click on View> Studio> Brushes> Import brushes. I select the .afbrushes format file and I get a window with a successful installation message but it does not appear in the brushes menu and I cannot select it. Have I done something wrong?đŸ˜Ģ Best regards
  3. Definitely, I need to see a video tutorial (if possible in Spanish) because I can't quite understand how this works. I will investigate on my own and I will try it 😅 But it sounds hopeful. Thank you very much for the help 😉 Best regards
  4. Thanks for the reply. Correct me if I am wrong: With a font manager, I don't need to install the fonts on windows, I just indicate the folder, load them and when I want to use them in affinity designer, do I have them all available? Is it that simple or have I not understood it well? Best regards
  5. Thanks for the quickly reply. Doesn't it conflict with Affinity? I mean, doesn't it slow down my pc more?
  6. Well, between complete families, svg and normal, it could have more than 6000, I have lost the count ...😅 -How does that font manager work? -Does it reduce font loading time or how do they work? -Is there something that effective in Windows? -Are they free? Thanks and best regards
  7. Curious đŸ˜Ļ Sorry for my english. 80% of my words are written by google translate 😅 and maybe "charging period" may sound weird . I'll cut to the chase. For example: 1- (9:00 am) Click Affinity Designer Icon 2- (9:02 am) New document 3- (9:02 - 9:20 am) I do some graphics, sketches... 4- (9:21 am) I can now use any installed font 😃 I hope this helps. If you need any more details, how could you provide it?, any video?☚ī¸ PD: Right now, I don't wait 20 min because I have less than 70% of the fonts installed. At 9:03 am I have all the fonts available😉 Best regards
  8. First of all, thanks again for the interest. Excuse me for correcting you, but I don't think the problem are my fonts, because as I said, in other programs like Word or Powerpoint I have no problem using them instantly. I have to clarify, because I have not said so far, that I can use them, but it requires a charging period (so to speak), of about 15-20 minutes. After that time, I can use all the fonts without any problem in Affinity Designer.
  9. Thanks for the time and interest, but I'm sorry, I can't give you the fonts. The license is the license, sorry. Yes, I have considerably reduced my number of fonts, more than 70% of what I had and yes, it goes like 4 times faster loading the fonts, but because other programs such as Word or Powerpoint, with all the fonts that I had installed I do not have any loading problems and I can use anyone instantly? Best regards
  10. Hi, @Sean P Do you know anything about the problem I have? :) Does it happen to someone too? Have you been able to solve it without uninstalling fonts? All the best
  11. No, I can't send you because that would somehow distribute some fonts and for legal or licensing reasons I can't, I'm sorry. I imagine that this option that you propose is to discard or establish a line of investigation, but I begin to deduce that the problem is mine, has someone else happens to him?
  12. No, only normal windows installation. I select the font, right button, install
  13. HI @Sean P Thanks for the reply. Svg fonts: I can't provide any fonts for licensing reasons, sorry. If it says they still don't work, I will uninstall them. Kerning: I have tested the fonts in MS Word and Powerpoint and there are no kerning problems. I cannot provide you with any fonts for licensing reasons. Font Installation: The fonts I have installed is windows like normal. I don't have any additional font management software or form of font management software. Dropbox: I just uploud you a dump file. I hope I did it right because I had never generated a dump file
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