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  1. Any hope that this is going to be addressed? The guy(s) at Iridient Developer has sorted this very nicely - some of the best Fuji algorithms overall - also for other models, in my humble opinion. Not sure if the ID RAW library is up for license / sell? Cheers, Thomas
  2. Thanks guys, the manual entry up to 1024 px is now working in 1.3.5 AP! This is essential to my workflow with layers... Appreciate your hard work making AP better and better! Cheers, Thomas
  3. Thank you for trying this in AD, Gear maker. I should have specified that this is a limitation experienced in Affinity Photo. (Still hoping that I miss something ...) Cheers, Thomas
  4. Hi Justin, Just tried this and the higher values have no effect. The Blur is applied up to 100 pixels only, even if I type higher values. Here is what I did: 1. Loaded a ~20MP photo. 2. Created and selected a new pixel layer. 3. Used the Elliptical Marque tool to select a region in the centre of the image covering about 30%. 4. Pressed "Q" (Edit Selection As Layer) 5. Used the Gaussian Blur tool at 100 pixels 6. I then repeated the above typing in 1000 pixels in the Gaussian blur tool The results are identical, i.e. Gaussian Blur is only applied in a 100 pixel area, even when higher values are entered. Am I missing something? Cheers, Thomas
  5. The Blur tools currently allow a maximum radius setting of 100 pixel. That is not enough when creating gradients for large photos. A maximum radius of at least 500 pixel, ideally 1000 pixel is needed to create smooth vignettes etc... Thanks for listening. T
  6. The raw converter renders Fuji X10 files in reduced resolution. I have loaded 4000x3000 / 12mp raw files. Affinity renders them as 2848x2144 / 6mp files. The EXIF also displays the smaller / wrong resolution. This issue was also present in Capture One Pro from Phase One which had beta support for the X10... Both ACR and Silky Pix render the files correctly. Please fix! T
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