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  1. The file that I uploaded (not the screenshot) is the file that was exported. Setting my zoom to 100% in ADesigner (screenshot attached) still looks crisper than the exported image. Maybe it is just the size that I'm working in and need to work with larger canvas sizes.
  2. Hi Garry, Thanks for your response. I recognize that you can't make an image have more pixels than specified. I'm sharing a part of the file that I was working on for a project. This is 600px x 215px. The program in which I am uploading it to requires an image no larger than 600px wide. When exported it looks blurry without zooming in and uploading it into the program just makes the blurriness more apparent. However in the program the image is very crisp. Shouldn't the exported image in the specified size look crisp without zooming in?
  3. Recently (this week) my .image files (png and jpeg) have been exporting blurry. When I export as PDF everything is fine, but I need image files for a project I'm working on. Everything was fine until this week. The only thing that changed was that I purchased publisher and photo and linked the programs. I don't know how to fix it and have scoured the boards to find a fix but nothing has worked. I've uploaded sample images. Does anyone have a fix for this?
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