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  1. Excellent news thanks. It is a iPad specific issue making drawing/painting not really possible. I would assume a majority are desktop users or users not using pressure features on iPad.
  2. Yes I noticed this bug when testing makes it unusable for painting/drawing I agree. Been testing Procreate , Fresco, and Art Studio Pro. Right now narrowed down to Procreate and Fresco. Leaning towards procreate as I am not sure I want a subscription and fresco can’t make custom brushes or swatch pallets yet also has no warp or adjustments. A dream to draw with though so it is a tough choice.
  3. Apply a adjustment layer such as a curve or brightness contrast. Make sure the adjustment layer is selected and invert it’s mask. Grab the gradient tool set the colors from white to black and place the gradient over your sky so you get a graduated mask. Tweak the adjustment as you please. Note this can also be done in the develop persona using a gradient overlay and the exposure settings.
  4. So I already use and know affinity photo for my photography work and it really is an amazing tool. I however am starting to switch directions slightly and am beginning to learn to paint digitally. I have always wanted to learn to do this for a very long time and feel it will complement my love of photography. I am however unsure which app is best for this. Through my research I find nothing about Photo and painting seems Designer is mentioned more but I don’t want vector art. Also there is Procreate but seems to have some limitations I don’t like I would rather have a feature I never use than not have it if I need it particularly around color correction. So can anyone familiar with all these apps help me out?
  5. Thanks a bunch just wanted to make sure I was not hitting a bug. I am fine with this behavior.
  6. Hello So I am new to working on the iPad and am now using it exclusively to edit my photos using Affinity Photo and really loving the workflow. While working on some images I noticed a issue while not significant as far as I understand it should not happen. My current workflow is to put my raw files in iCloud, import from cloud develop and do my edits in affinity. When done go back to the Home Screen and save the file which also is set to go to iCloud. At this point everything is fine. At this point everything is saved to the cloud and I closed the files from the Home Screen. I needed to do a export so I opened the files back up using Open from Cloud. At this point I noticed the history was missing from the history list. Is this the intended way for it to behave? I was under the assumption from what I seen in videos that the iPad always saves history. I mean it is not a breaking issue if it is a issue photoshop never saved my history when I was on a desktop and all of my edits are still there. Also I work very non destructively. So if this is intended behavior which I am assuming it probably is as I found no posts about this in the past is there a way if I want in the future to ensure history is saved to the files?
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