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  1. I think this app can be great but it’s rather confusing as someone who is a beginner and also new to a similar program to illustrator it’d be nice if there were more tutorials made so people can learn how to use the program but also for beginners to get used to all the features and learn what each one does what. other things I feel it needs that’s in illustrator: trace tool more pencil brushes and art medium brushes Snap to glyphs for Text and images Alignment of objects to text Text height options cap height X-height ICF height Em box Unlock canvas objects while designing Being able to re-color the whole of an artwork using color wheel A better color wheel system UI and easier way to add palletes and universal colors, all color settings and options in a drop down menu within the UI. Being able to have a floating color wheel recolor the UI of the program instead of it being grey or dark grey like how publisher allows you to choose between dark grey or white. if anyone else has more suggestions feel free to add on to this!
  2. @GarryP Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!!! I never would've thought to do this, this helps me a great deal. I wrote down the steps to remember how to do this, I appreciate your help and thank you again!
  3. Hello, So I recently bought affinity publisher and designer, mostly been working with publisher so far. I'm having trouble with the Duplicate selection, I was watching a tutorial on Youtube about using the pen tool to make lines. Well I'm trying to make a lined notebook page, and I'm not able to copy and duplicate those lines to space evenly as if it would in InDesign. Like how it memorizes the amount of space you set for it it to be spaced when duplicating the next line and so forth. I've tried the shortcut key Ctrl+J and it's not copying nor appearing as in the tutorial in the video. Here's the link of the tutorial, my problem starts at 4:50 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rTAHp2n0iY Also is there any other way for this to work for other objects in affinity publisher aside from making lines but having shapes space evenly as well? I'm tired of doing this manually for each one. Thank you.
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