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  1. I'm talking about the shift + rotate = (0º, 45º, 90º). It's come up enough that I figured it was worth asking. I've checked for settings, but I could be overlooking it
  2. When I first started I was apparently trying to make everything an asset, and now I hardly use the feature because of it. I'd honestly be cool nuking the whole thing if theres a file to delete somewhere in my computer.
  3. Yep yep! I also get some smooth corners on the bottom of the shape inconsistently. Sometimes it’s only one and other times it’s multiple.
  4. Contouring and then baking sometimes acts up whenever you go to bake the appearance. I recorded my screen with show touches on for the recipe if that’s cool. Love the tool! IMG_1643.MP4
  5. So I just experienced this too. If you add a new vector layer and use it as a “group” it doesn’t change the text styling. It’s a good temp fix in the mean time.
  6. How to recreate - Open 1080 x 1080 web doc - Create rectangle - Add 15 pt stroke - expand stroke - Corner tool From here I try to use the corner tool on the inside corners in order to round them out, but when I bake the corners, it converts my smooth nodes into sharp nodes. For now, my workaround is to adjust the stroke and remove the fill color without expanding, but this does happen enough to get me posting here haha. Thank you for all your hard work! looking forward to future features. affinity_glitch.mov
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