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  1. thank you for your hints. I,ve got it now. There ist still a lot to learn. 🙂 I have learned manual typesetting in the 70,s, to do it by software is tricky for me.
  2. Hi, thank you for your quick reaction. I try it, but there are no functional charakters or glyphs in the paragraphs. I try it with some other text files like .odt and always appears this type of big white undestroyable rocks. I opened the panels for paragraphs and charakters, may be i have made some wrong decisions? I have a deadline for this projekt and really run out of ideas. What can i do?
  3. Hi, i paste the text "without formatting" from a Word file. The paragrafs don,t flow correctly from one side to another. I am clueless now and running out of options. What can i do ti fix it. I view a lot of tutorials and there it always works. Naturally i guess 🙂 I,ve attached a screenshot of the problem. I will thank you for your hints.
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